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The strongest bureaucracy of the crisis Thirty thousand artisans without a euro

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29 September 2020 – 09:28

The delays in the redundancy fund for employees: € 3.8 million. “Ready to demonstrate”

of Mauro Bonciani

Thirty thousand workers in the artisan sector find themselves in serious difficulty due to bureaucracy, the long and ever so uncertain times of the state “machine”. Thirty thousand men and women who are still waiting for the layoffs in May, for arrears of almost 3.8 million euros. So Cgil, Cisl and Uil have decided to raise their voices and if the situation does not unblock in a week they will go to demonstrate under the Prefecture in Florence.

“The money is there, already allocated, but it is blocked and the delay is due solely to the complicated national bureaucracy, resulting in delays in disbursement to the workers who are entitled to it”, the unions denounce. As explained yesterday in a press conference at the Ebret headquarters (the bilateral body of Tuscan craftsmanship that disburses the cash), Mirko Lami of the regional secretary of the CGIL, Ciro Recce, assistant general secretary of CISL Toscana and Mario Catalini, coordinator Uil crafts workers and president Ebret, the provision of social safety nets for the craftsman passes through a national fund that has exhausted its resources to meet the requests for layoffs in March, when the lockdown was total, and then he had to wait for the funds allocated by the government.

«A first tranche was disbursed at the end of June and with that, in Tuscany, it was possible to cover up to the beginning of May for all workers in the sector, as many as 100,000, in 29,000 companies. With the end of the lockdown, 30,000 Tuscan artisan workers on layoffs remained, but none of them had a euro anymore – said Ciro Recce – Yet the Court of Auditors, called to a preventive control, has released the funds and the government he just has to transfer them to the fund that will pay them to the workers. We constantly receive dozens of worried, in some cases tragic, e-mails from desperate people, both as a union and at Ebret. We are no longer willing to wait: a way must be found to simplify the procedure and to plan the payment of money with certainty “.

“We have already written to the prefect of Florence, as coordinator of the Tuscan prefects – added Mirko Lami of the CGIL – to point out the situation and we return to ask the government to immediately release these resources and also those for the following months: these workers must at least to eat. It is time to put the bureaucracy aside in the face of a tragic situation ». «We – Mario Catalini affirmed – have jumped through hoops, we have hired, with our resources, three more people to manage the practices and we have prepared all the questions: we would be able to pay, immediately, until July; as long as the money arrives. There is an unbearable gap between the national action of the ministries and that of the regional bodies, which are in contact with people and companies ».

An increasingly dramatic situation, as explained by Gianluca Volpi, director of Ebret, the “first line” to which workers who are still on layoffs at zero hours or for several days a month turn to. “Every day we receive hundreds of e-mails and over time, in addition to information, we have received e-mails full of desperation for the difficulty of paying the rent, bills, shopping, dramatic situations especially for families who have a just income with which to move forward. The State has allocated 375 million throughout Italy for arrears until July, about 3.8 million will go to Tuscany, but this bureaucracy is absurd, incredible. If the money arrives – concludes Volpi – in 48 hours we make the transfer to whoever is entitled to it ». And in the meantime, the union representatives have announced a regional demonstration, to be held within the first ten days of October, if “the funds to pay the cash will not arrive at the very least until July”.


29 September 2020 | 09:28




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