Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Stunning bitcoin climb


In today’s global virtual currency market, the price of Bitcoin has risen by more than $ 2,000 compared to yesterday and is currently trading at $ 39,735.

The price has risen 29 percent since last week, bringing the total value of the Bitcoin market to $ 744 billion. As in the last two or three days, the bitcoin market is in good shape today, and with the transfer of 952,000 bitcoins, $ 37 billion has been spent in this market. The number of bitcoins in the world today reached 18 million 769 thousand 31.

Bitcoin $ 2000 Rises in Global Market / Today, the virtual market is still green

While Bitcoin rose 6.5 percent, Atrium rose 4 percent to $ 2,305. Baines Quinn was up 3.3 percent and Cardano was up 3.5 percent, and are trading at $ 315 and $ 1.3, respectively.

Ripple was a masterpiece of price growth today, rising about 16 percent to 72 cents. The Dodge Quinn was up 4.4 percent at 21 cents.

Overall, the total value of the global virtual currency market has grown by 5.2% today, reaching $ 1,545 billion. About $ 100 billion has been transferred in this market and the total number of virtual currencies in the world has reached 11,071.






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