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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Raise, that's why it's still bogged down. But families and businesses cannot wait

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The more days and hours that pass, the more difficult it becomes for the government to close the 55 billion relaunch decree. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has understood this, but is unable to convene the Council of Ministers. Every day, in fact, forced to take note of that the disputes in the majority are far from resolved, starting with that on the regularization of migrants, which crosses internally also the 5 Star Movement. Indeed, it happens that while one closes immediately, another opens, because what this majority is demonstrating is keeping more to the visibility of the individual parties (placing the flags, as they say) than to the good of the country, that of families, businesses and workers waiting for urgent responses in the face of an increasingly serious crisis. Not only. Keeping the drafts of the provision open favors the upward play of requests.

And all this while, paradoxically, it seems difficult to find coverage to give a bonus on the salary of healthcare workers, which should instead have absolute priority.
In short, it would be imperative to convene the Council of Ministers as soon as possible and approve the decree. With a warning, however. Please do not do this, as usual, with the formula unless otherwise agreed. Why so we would be head to head.


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