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More details of the Bugatti Divo have been released; a compelling combination of speed, power and handling

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It was in the summer of 2018 that Bugatti unveiled the Divo Limited Production Supercar. Now, nearly two years later, the delivery of this exciting car has begun, and Bugatti is fulfilling its obligations to its wealthy customers. The French carmaker has recently released more details about the demo in order to re-focus its attention on the media.

According to the announcement, the story of "The most exciting and special supercar of the modern era" began in early 2018. At the time, some Bugatti customers were asking the company to produce an "agile and curious car."

Shortly after this request, Bugatti engineers put several principles on the agenda and took immediate action. The first and most important principle was that the Divo should be "very different from the Shiron" and more exclusive; sportier performance and sharper reactions while maintaining the comfort of the car were the next priorities of the Divo development team.

Bugatti Divo

After months of intensive work, Bugatti has unveiled the original Divo design to receive feedback from Shiron owners. According to the company's CEO, Mr. Stephen Winkelmann, they quickly understood the designers and agreed with the project, seeing the sporty attitude plan.

After receiving positive feedback, it is the turn of the technical engineers to evaluate the performance of the Divo with computer simulations. In the next step, about a year after the start of the project, a prototype of the Bugatti Divo was built, and this time its performance has been evaluated in the real world and on several tracks, including the Nurburgring.

Bugatti Divo

According to Bugatti, the 5,000-kilometer Divo prototype has been carefully monitored for chassis behavior and suspension. During this part of the development process, the driver has repeatedly increased the speed of the Divo to 380 km / h (maximum possible). Bugatti says the car's chassis and suspension have been adjusted so carefully that it's no longer possible to increase agility.

Bugatti Divo

Divo weighs 35 kg less than Shiron. The use of different rims, carbon fiber coating for the intercooler, a lighter sound system, insulation and fewer compartments are the main reasons for this.

Bugatti Divo

Along with the engineers, Bugatti designers also faced many challenges, as they had to create Divo in a way that made it look sportier and rougher than Shiron. The result of the design team's efforts is that the Bugatti Divo has a completely distinctive appearance and better aerodynamics. It's good to know that this car produces more downforce when moving up to 90 kg.

The Divo's 8-liter W16 engine can be called one of the few common features with the Shiron. The engine in the Divo also has 1479 horsepower, but due to the existing limitations, it cannot exceed the car speed of 380 km / h.

In a statement, Winkelmann described Bugatti Divo as a real masterpiece in the automotive industry that is improving the brand's position. He added that Divo is a product that every collector interested in Bugatti and supercars should have in their collection. It goes without saying that Bugatti plans to offer only 40 devices for 5 million euros (equivalent to 5.4 million dollars).


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