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Leave, vouchers, mortgages: here's how to request aid


Stop the mortgage, it must be presented to the bank

(Andrea Ducci) The request to obtain a moratorium on a loan, mortgage or credit line it must be submitted to the bank or financial intermediary that issued the credit. In this way, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to obtain the suspension of mortgages, loans, non-installment loans and lines granted by the credit system until next September 30th. As regards the front relating to the Revenue Agency, companies and professionals can benefit from the suspension of the payment terms of all tax and non-tax revenue deriving from payment cards, as well as the assessment notices, expiring between 8 March and 31 May 2020. No request is required but all suspended payments must be made by 30 June 2020. The suspension of the VAT payment for companies and businesses below 2 million in turnover is also automatic.

Families: how to ask for leave and vouchers

(Enrico Marro) It will always be the INPS, says the decree, to establish the operating procedures for accessing the new parental leave or baby sitter voucher (600 euros, 1,000 for Sanit employees). Here, too, applications will be submitted online to the pension institution. If you choose the voucher, you must register, also at INPS, the babysitter, if you do not already have a regular contract in progress. Both leave and voucher are provided for all private sector workers (employees, self-employed and co.co.co). Leave can be requested for 15 days. You will be paid 50% of your normal salary if you have children up to 12 years old. It will not be paid if the children are between 12 and 16 years old. Other stakes: both tools are valid for the school closing period; the parents must all be workers and not benefit from shock absorbers. More favorable rules for families with disabled children.

Cig jobs and bonuses: online questions at INPS

(Enrico Marro) The procedures for accessing the workers' supports will be indicated in one or more circulars that INPS has issued these days. All applications for social safety nets and other instruments put in place by the government with law decree in fact, they must be presented to the pension institution, except for the exemption layoffs, which is granted by the Regions, even if INPS always pays. All applications will be submitted online. For employers with less than 5 employees, this is a first time. The cig in derogation was in fact extended also to those who have an employee and for all sectors, excluding only domestic work. All shock absorbers cover the period 23 February-31 August 2020 for a maximum of 9 weeks. Self-employed, professionals, co.co.co and seasonal workers will be able to claim the allowance of 600 euros, always at INPS. Who will also pay for the medical-certified quarantine.

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