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Jailbreak the iPhone with the help of Android phone, the new trouble for Apple

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When we talk about the iPhone Jailbreak, many people remember the complicated and difficult steps. You always needed a Windows or Mac laptop to jailbreak your device. Recently, however, one of the most popular Jailbreak tools allows the user to jailbreak the iPhone using the Android phone.

Ruth and Jailbreaker are essentially the same. Both of these things allow users to have more access to the operating system and no longer engage with restrictions imposed by smartphone manufacturers. In the Android world, this is a little easier because companies are collaborating with users. So rooting a smartphone should not be a difficult task. With the same rooting of the phone, Checkra1n, a popular application for the Jailbreak iPhone, has also been able to launch its Android app to make Jailbreak easier than ever.

Jailbreak iPhone

After Castle Box yesterday launched Android itself on the iPhone 6, this time it is the turn of the iPhone with the help of Android phones so that Apple is more concerned about jailbreak than before. The solution Checkra1n offers users has several important points. The first point is that the Android phone itself must be rooted. The second point is that this solution uses the boot of the iPhone and does not work with the operating system itself. As a result, the iPhone will need to be re-jailbroken every time.

Of course, this method has some advantages. For example, you do not have to worry about updating your iPhone, because you can simply jailbreak it with the Checkra1n app. You also no longer need to have access to a Windows-based laptop or a MacBook, as your rooted Android phone performs well with the iPhone's Jailbreak.


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