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Investigating the use of dental composite and introducing top brands


Dental composite is a type of restorative method that is used in the restoration of similar and the same color as natural teeth. In today’s world, people pay attention to the beauty of appearance, has led to the development of methods to repair deformities and irregularities of the teeth. Dental composite is also one of these restorative methods that has many fans and is used to modify the design of people’s smiles.

What is the application of dental composite?

Application of dental composite is irregular correction, malformation, yellow color, paleness and tooth distance. Of course, we should not forget that Buy beauty composite By the dentist and his skill in using the dental composite, the treatment is performed in the best possible way.

Types of dental composites

In the following, we will introduce the types of dental composites that are offered in dentists and dental clinics:

1. Composite veneer (the best and most beautiful type of composite)

Composite veneer is one of the best types of composite that gives a lot of beauty to your teeth. People who have a large gap between the front teeth or their front teeth are cracked, use this method for beauty and significant changes. Another special feature of composite veneer is teeth whitening; No need to shave your teeth.

Investigating the use of dental composite and introducing top brands

2. Macrophilus or coarse grain (more durable)

Macrophilic composite or coarse grain has appeared in dental services in recent decades, and the difference with other composites is that it consists of particles of 10 to 15 micrometers. Therefore, the application of coarse-grained composite material has more durability and strength for the teeth, and a person can use it for a longer period of time. But the only problem with macrophiles is that they are very difficult to repair.

3. Microfilament or fine-grained (with a more natural design and a perfectly uniform appearance)

Microfilament composite is made of smaller particles for polishing teeth than coarse grain, which makes the teeth look completely smooth, even and natural. But instead, the durability and strength of the composite in this model is less. Of course, repairing a microfiber composite is much easier than a macrophilic composite.

4. Nanocomposite (with the ability to solve hybrid composite problems)

Nanocomposites are one of the most practical types of composites currently used to solve problems in hybrid composites. The particle size of this composite model is about 20 nanometers, which show very good resistance to abrasion. Nanocomposites can also be used to solve problems with posterior teeth and see good results. The excellent polishing ability of nanocomposites makes it easy to solve potential problems of hybrid composites.

Necessary care after installing dental composite

Teeth need more care after gluing the composite. Therefore, after consuming carbonated beverages and colored foods, teeth should be brushed and flossed. It should be noted that composite is a permanent cosmetic procedure that requires care for its longevity. Of course, if the composite breaks and fills the lips due to eating hard food or impact, it can be repaired. Composites will not change color if you follow good oral hygiene tips. If they change color, they are returned to their original state by polishing.

Investigating the use of dental composite and introducing top brands

What is the best brand of dental composite?

The best composite brands are Japanese brands called Gradia DIrect, Geanial and kuraray, and American brands called Bisco, 3M and Cosmedent, as well as Swiss brands such as Sarmco are good brands for dental composites.

Of course, it should be noted that what makes the difference between different brands of composite is not the type of composite burn, but it is the skill and technique of the dentist that makes the quality of a brand. Because most brands have the necessary standards and have passed the quality control steps. With the best type of composite, a photo result may be obtained.

Denfil brand – dental composite

This brand is a product of South Korea and is offered in the form of syringes and capsules. It is composed of microhybrid particles and is used for restoration of anterior and posterior teeth, splinting and blind-build. Due to the presence of radiopaque fillers, it has a high radio opacity (helps in detecting decay in the X-ray) and the desired viscosity for easier use. It has an optimized polymerization primer system that will prevent wear. Denfil is much cheaper than other brands.

Solafil Dental Composite

Solafil composite (solafil M90) is a universal restorative material that uses macro and micro fillers with excellent structural properties. This hybrid technology allows this restorative to be ideally suited for annulus and veneers and restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.

Investigating the use of dental composite and introducing top brands

Solafil composite (solafil M90) Micro-hybrid optical composite with high filling power for posterior and anterior teeth, with a compressive strength of more than 500 MPa. This product is made by Trent Dent company in England. To be aware of Solafil composite price Just click on the colored part.

Properties of Solafil Composite solafil M90 :

  • Pleasant aesthetics and proper adjustment of shadows
  • Very smooth, non-stick and plaque resistant
  • Long-term clinical history and success
  • Very strong and durable
  • The result seems natural
  • Homogeneous surface

Amalgam or composite for filling teeth

Amalgam dentures are self-adhesive in nature. Changes occur in the metal itself that can fill any small space between or inside the teeth. On the other hand, bonded restorations become somewhat smaller when bent, resulting in the formation of empty space between them. Because of this difference, dental amalgam treatment can be a better option for people with active tooth decay. Of course, remember that Amalgam price Dentistry will be less than dental composite.


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