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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Historic breakthrough in Britain: Uber agrees to hire 70,000 drivers as employees (from today)

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Another verdict that could become “historic” in the world of the so-called “gig economy”: Uber will guarantee its 70,000 British drivers the status of employees, in what is a world first for the car with drivers app. Drivers will be entitled, inter alia, to the minimum wage and pension. Uber’s decision follows the UK Supreme Court verdict that Uber drivers on the island should be considered employees, not ‘self-employed’. An important turning point, starting with the fact that the United Kingdom is the main European “market” for Uber, very active both in the field of passenger transport (especially in London) and in that of delivery. To force the colossus to “surrender” were two collaborators who had sued Uber in 206 asking for employee status.

Wall Street penalizes the Uber turn

Uber opened the stock exchange trading day on Wall Street lower after the decision to recognize its British drivers as employees. Car with driver app stocks are down 4.52%. According to Morgan Stanley, carrying out it in the UK will have an impact on Uber’s accounts.

Pay 8 pounds an hour

“This is an important day for our drivers in the UK. We hope all other operators will join us in improving the quality of work, ”says Jamie Heywood, Uber manager for Northern and Eastern Europe. Following the ruling, Uber undertook to guarantee new hires an hourly wage of £ 8.27 with immediate effect. It should be noted that Uber, summoned before a California court for a completely similar issue, was found to be right by the judge: the latter considered the drivers of the company to be self-employed.

The riders of Milan

The case closely resembles the investigation into the Milan riders who work for the large home delivery platforms: the chief prosecutor Francesco Greco a few weeks ago, illustrating the outlines of an investigation into the “messenger cycle” had said that 60,000 they should be employed on a permanent basis.


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