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Google will no longer notify the user of the invalid search results

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One of the problems that users often face in cyberspace is spreading false news about various issues. It has happened many times that after an important event occurs, cyberspace is swept away by a storm of untrue rumors and reports. In the meantime, users may be using Google search engines to find out what happened and get caught up in false news.

In this regard, Google wants to make extensive changes in the display of search results. If an event occurs, Google will notify users of the possibility of changing the results and will also display a notification to the user that if they are looking for the latest news about the searched subject, they should wait until the results are taken from valid sources.

According to TheVerge, this feature can significantly counteract the spread of lies and help users obtain information from reliable sources. This feature is currently for US English-speaking users only; But other languages ​​and regions of the world are expected to be covered in the future.

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Google has explained this feature that the company’s search engine often provides users with the most useful information available on the Internet; But there are situations where useful information from reliable sources has not yet been published and we will have to wait until more information is published. Such a situation most often occurs when something important has happened and the initial information about it is far from the truth or only narrates a part of the reality.

Looking at the role of social media in news coverage, we can see the importance of the feature added to the Google search engine. With the release of the first reports from any news event, many users of social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook cover that news in their personal accounts. Naturally, if a report is false or covers only part of the truth, what social media users will share is false news and will actually help spread lies in a big way.


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