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Fabric printing by sublimation method


Surely the question has come to you how to print on different clothes or fabrics?

If you are in the printing industry, you probably have information about Fabric printing machine heard. There are various devices in the industry that perform their production work with better speed and higher efficiency. The expansion of the fabric printing industry in recent years and its importance has led to the emergence of various types of fabric printing machines

And it has given a significant boost to these industries and the market for the sale of its products. Apart from the types of these machines, there are also different methods for printing on fabrics, which are definitely related to the type of machine. One of the most important methods of printing on fabric Sublimation Which we will describe in the following.

Fabric printing by sublimation method

Today, printing on fabric is done digitally. It includes direct and indirect printing and the sublimation method, which is also called transfer printing. Fabric printing is done by sublimation method in two main steps. In fact, for this type of printing, you need two fabric printing machines. Before these two devices as

To introduce the complete, it is better to briefly describe the steps of sublimation printing. In printing fabric in this way, you must first click on the desired design and prepared on the computer Sublimation paper roll Print and in the next step, by creating the appropriate heat and pressure with the help of its special device, apply the design on paper to the fabric. Sublimation

In the word it means sublimation and in practice printing is done by sublimation method. Below we describe how these two devices work.

Fabric printing machine ( Plotter)

If you plan to use sublimation services for printing on fabric, you must have a plotter. In fact, the plotter is the first step in printing a sublimation. This machine is responsible for printing sublimation ink on its special paper. Sublimation plotter machine for printing sports clothes, velvet fabrics and

Other fabrics for scarves and shawls, bedspreads, rumbles, curtain fabrics and other equipment are used. This machine has no limit in the dimensions of the fabric and this special machine can be used for printing in large and large dimensions. The plotter can print a variety of sublimation inks. It is also possible to use in some of these devices

There are inks that can be used to make special prints.

This machine is more suitable for garment printing workshops and fabric printing workshops. The unique features of this fabric printing machine make it ideal for printing all types of textiles. The plotter machine is known as the main and most important device in the early stages of printing. Plotter of structural similarities

It has a lot to do with banner printing machine, which is used for printing with large widths. For the operation of this machine, an ink tank is installed in it and the sublimation printing operation uses sublimation ink. With this device, you can make the original design on sublimation paper and even fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as

Created Satin and Raven. The important point here is that if you change the type of ink used in the plotter tank, the performance of the machine will change and even the printing system will be affected.

Cloth printing machine (calender)

The calender device, also called the fabric transfer device, is actually a kind of plotter supplement. This machine applies heat to the fabric by rolling and prints the design on sublimation paper on the fabric. In fact, the action of image transfer in this device using heat and based on sublimation technology

Done. In this printing machine, a special roller is used on the fabric, the rotation of which along with the heat causes the ink to sublimate and finally transfer it in the form of an image on paper to the surface of the fabric. The special design of this machine makes it possible to use it for different companies of fabric printing and other flexible surfaces.

Has provided. This device has two special features.

Fabric printing by sublimation method

Utilization of sublimation technology has made the use of this device very simple and easy, even operators can use it without any specialization and experience. This fabric transfer machine, which in most cases follows the sublimation method and prints by sublimation method, is a printer for execution.

Need the desired design on the fabric. For this reason, it is considered a plotter supplement. In this way, finally, the fabric with sublimation paper enters the printing machine of the calender fabric and the printing process is done based on sublimation. This device is produced in a multifunctional way and has several different molds for different levels.

The calender consists of three main parts: cylinder, felt and press. The heat of this device is provided by heating the oil and uniform heat is applied on the fabric. In this way, the oil cylinder is formed around the element. The heating of the element eventually leads to the heating of the oil and the uniform heating to

The wall reaches outside the cylinder. The felt of the machine that pulls and presses the fabric and paper around the cylinder and presses a sharp press on the felt. In fact, the application of heat, pressure and pressing eventually leads to the transfer of paper color on the fabric. The special protection system defined for this fabric printing machine is made of felt

It protects. Maintaining the quality of felt and maintaining it has a great effect on increasing the life of the machine and allows the owner of the workshop to print on fabrics and clothes with low cost and high speed.

Application of fabric printing machine

There are no restrictions on fabric printing in the sublimation method. If your fabrics are made from a certain percentage of polyester fibers, you can print any design you need on them. Due to the versatility of the printing machine on sublimation fabric and the existence of different molds of this machine as

Scarf and scarf printing machine, Curtain printing machine and bedspread printing machine are used. In fact, this machine has the ability to print on a variety of fabrics with different sizes.

The sublimation machine for scarves and shawls, curtains or bedspreads is actually the same thermal printing machine that allows sublimation printing on these fabrics.

The principles and rules that exist in shawl and scarf printing machine are not significantly different from other thermal machines such as curtain printing machine and bed printing machine. The printing of these fabrics is based on sublimation printing. The only important point in this area is that the dimensions of the device should be commensurate with the dimensions of the fabric selected.

Be. For example, the size of a shawl and scarf sublimation printing machine is different from a curtain printing machine. This device is offered in different dimensions. The most important advantage of sublimation fabric printing machine is its high quality design. Since the desired design must be printed on paper first, it is possible to control the error in it and well

The final printing error rate can be reduced to zero. For this reason, many companies use sublimation scarves, shawls, and bedspreads for their advertising.

The reason for the importance of sublimation printing for scarves, shawls, curtains or bedspreads and upholstery is that due to the use of thin and sensitive fabrics in these products, it is not possible to print directly on them and sublimation fabric printing machine is the ideal method for printing on this It is the fabrics. Here are some other important benefits of using

We express this device.

Fabric printing by sublimation method

The advantage of buying and using a sublimation fabric printing machine

  • Using this device is very cost-effective and economical. The amount of printing products in it depends on the number of cylinders of the machine.
  • There are no restrictions on the choice of design and color in using this device.
  • All the details of the high quality design are printed on the fabric by this machine and have a high durability.
  • Circulation printing speed in this product is excellent.
  • One of the most important factors in the quality of this device is its ink. Sublimation ink is water based and has six different colors. Ink brand is one of the determining factors dر Print quality.

From which company should we get the best fabric printing machine?

The device is available in different brands and as a result in different qualities and different prices. To buy the best printing machine on fabric with excellent quality and reasonable price, you can go to the company عکسوبهمن See. Has been working in the field of sublimation printing for more than 10 years. The company is highly experienced and knowledgeable about

It has heating devices, it can provide you with detailed consultation and comprehensive training related to the device for free. In addition, all products of this company are provided with warranty and after-sales service. After sending the devices, Fotobehman Company performed all the initial tests on them and after ensuring

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