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Sunday, December 5, 2021

DiaSorin launches the test with results in an hour. Economy on Monday

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We will start with the first 100 thousand molecular tests to diagnose Covid-19 which will arrive in Italy in early April. Then it will be the turn of the United States. Allow you to cut the response time from 6-7 hours to 60 minutes. the kit for triage structures, after numerous cases of infections within the walls of nosocomes. He was born in the research centers of the DiaSorin group, who took to the field alongside health facilities in the battle against the first globalization pandemic. You can read the story of the multinational that burned the time for the launch of the new kit in the new issue The Economy, on newsstands Monday with the Corriere della Sera.


Agreements with the most affected regions are already operational or being finalized: Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. The company led by Carlo Rosa that also among the reference shareholders of the Italian multinational in vitro diagnostics (the majority shareholder the Denegri family) with over 700 million in revenues. It is preparing to officially launch the new test on the market after the go-ahead from the European sector Authority and the US FDA that arrived yesterday in record time. Companies must always invest in research to be able to reason in the long run. But the country should also support Italian champions in strategic sectors such as life sciences. Because only research can help get us out of trouble that the future can prepare, says Rosa whose group has staked 250 million in this sector in the past four years. And also thanks to the acquisitions made by the Italian company over time and with foresight.

Military technology

It all started in 2016 when the group took over the California Focus Diagnostics (now baptized DiaSorin Molecular) from the American Quest Diagnostics, allied with 3M, created for rapid diagnoses. In its belly it has the platform created on behalf of the US military that was supposed to serve to test the soldiers engaged in war scenarios. A platform designed at the time of the Desert Storm operation, when all the US military were all vaccinated against anthrax. From a technology born in the military sector, the group managed to develop a test that will now serve in the civil emergency. The subsidiary DiaSorin Molecular, based in California, is in the control room. But it was the 25 Italian researchers of the company who worked day and night for weeks in collaboration with Spallanzani of Rome and San Matteo of Pavia. By managing to develop the fast diagnostic test for Covid-19 in eight weeks, something that typically takes twelve months of work, says Rosa.

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