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Coronavirus, the Antitrust Authority suspends the sale of the anti-viral Kaletra: a site deceived consumers


The Antitrust Authority has suspended the marketing of an antiviral drug sold for more than € 600 and ordered the blackout of the sales site. The Authority announced it. The “generic Kaletra” drug, which contains the active ingredients of an antiviral for the treatment of HIV infections, was advertised as the “only drug against Coronavirus (COVID-19)” and the “only remedy to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) »« even if, at present, as declared by the world health authorities, there is no effective cure to fight the virus ».

The darkening provision of the site https://farmacocoronavirus.it and the suspension of sales explains the Antitrust which availed itself of the collaboration of the Guardia di Finanza, is motivated by the need to stop the spread of an “extremely serious practice, such as to make the intervention of the Authority urgent and indifferent”. The Authority considered that the product sales methods are `prima facie '(at first glance)” misleading and aggressive, capable of altering the consumer's evaluation ability, since the professional exploits the alarm raised by the constant increase the number of subjects infected by COVID-19 “.

It is noted that although the site suggests that online sales of the product is lawful and that the professional operates in a context of full legality, the online sale of these drugs is not allowed in Italy as it is subject to the presentation of a medical prescription. In consideration of the particular moment, the Authority continues to focus its attention on operators active in the e-commerce market who adopt incorrect and deceptive behavior.

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