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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Carlo Rosa (Diasorin) and Cristina Messa at “Italy that invests”

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Italy that invests and research. The new digital appointment led by Daniele Manca (live tomorrow at 12 on News i) addresses this time the real challenge that Italy and Europe must win, in a compact and supportive way: eradicate the virus that has brought to its knees the world. The intertwining of research and business will therefore be tackled together with Carlo Rosa, Diasorin's managing director and Cristina Messa, former director of the Bicocca University. Two notable people who are accelerating the fight against the virus.

The multinational of in vitro diagnostics, in particular, conceived and developed in eight weeks (against the canonical 12 months) not only the first molecular swab test for the rapid identification of the new coronavirus, but also the serological test to verify who developed the antibodies. Both tests were among the first to receive European certification and the go-ahead from the US FDA. But the answer, for it to be effective, must be given at European level. In this sense, Cristina Messa, an Italian representative at the European table who will direct the 7.5 billion – raised through public funds and donations on the initiative of the EU Commission – will play an important role with the aim of guaranteeing a vaccine accessible to the whole world population.


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