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Banks, web open: reduced branches. Short selling prohibited on the stock exchange


Consob tightening on stock market negotiations, a crucial sector for the stability of businesses and the economy, due to the very strong speculative short sales that halved the capitalizations in Piazza Affari. On Tuesday evening, the authority issued a three-month ban on short selling for all securities and reduced the shareholding threshold for 48 companies: it is necessary to communicate the entry into the capital once the 1% has been exceeded for large companies or 3%, if they are SMEs. These are measures, says the authority led by Paolo Savona, aimed at containing the volatility of the financial markets and at strengthening the transparency of the holdings in Italian companies.

The world of credit is also tense, given that the banks they are among the sectors kept open by the government so as not to completely block the economy. Suspend bank branches for 15 days throughout Italy to contribute incisively to controlling the spread of Coronavirus the unitary request of the unions Fabi, First Cisl, Fisac ​​Cgil, Uilca, Unisin to Abi, with which a employee protection protocol. The protocol provides for the limitation of the counter activity to customer assistance only, while commercial activities are carried out only in remote channels (ATM, web, smartphone or telephone).

At 10 am the ABI meets in a video conference this morning the executive and should respond to trade unions' requests, even if a regulation is needed to close the banks. However, the two employees of the Poste who died in Veneto are frightening. We ask at least to close in the most exposed provinces, in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Piacenza and Cremona, says Lando Sileoni, leader of Fabi.

The Minister of Economy will participate in the bankers' summit, Roberto Gualtieri. And it will be an opportunity not only to discuss the operations of the branches but also how banks can help keep the economic system up and running with the granting of guarantees, as well as the opening of the EU Commission to state aid to companies and banks if they are in trouble.

But not only the bank front to ask for more protections. Yesterday there was a spontaneous strike at Amazon in Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza) where two thousand workers work, because the peaks involve too many gatherings between people and above all the masks for the workers are missing, complains Fisascat Cisl. There is an important use of interim contracts for the increase in requests for deliveries.

Even in Fincantieri there is conflict. The implants have stopped, the leaders have put everyone on vacation. Francesca Re David, Fiom CGIL leader, notes that the method is contrary to the metalworkers contract and also to the government-social partners protocol. In large retailers there are requests for night closings and Sunday rests. Thousands of disease letters are arriving to companies, which are compensating for the use of contracts in administration and a sharp decrease in production.

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