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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Artisans, pending layoffs, urge the government

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A request to the government, in particular to the ministries of Economy and Finance and Labor, to provide the necessary resources to the Bilateral Solidarity Fund for the Craft sector, allowing it to issue transfers to workers still awaiting the supplementary benefits recognized to them comes from the Claai-Unione Artigiani of Milan and Monza-Brianza.

This is a situation that is no longer sustainable – said the secretary general of the Artisans Union, Marco Accornero – because the wait went beyond all reasonable patience. The workers of the craftsmanship wait in a state of serious difficulty for the accreditation of the additions to which they are entitled and which have long been recognized to them.

Despite the issuing of decree 41 of 15 June 2020 which transfers part of the resources made available by the decree of 17 March and 19 May, the Fund is still waiting to be able to provide the services linked to the Covid-19 emergency. The Bilateral Solidarity Fund for Crafts (FSBA) has communicated that it has already provided benefits for 298,370,086.47 relating to the months of February and March but although the government has already approved the reporting, the funds have not yet been sent for pay 121 million (21,853,786.80) of arrears in the month of March. In April, transfers of € 545 million should be made for workers. It is not possible to make the employees and their families wait any longer – added Accornero -, making the companies to which the collaborators are turning with increasing insistence uncomfortable, given a situation that becomes increasingly unbearable and distressing day by day.


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