Twitter is testing the pros and cons of voting

Twitter is working on the ability to vote upvote and downvote to respond to published tweets that come with the previous two retweet and replay options. The company has tested the feature on a small group of iOS users, and several tweets have been posted by members of the group about the feature.

According to Verge, Twitter says iOS users may see the ability to vote in several different styles, including up and down arrows, a heart symbol and a down arrow, as well as up and down thumb icons. The company has announced:

Enabling such a feature is to understand the types of responses that you think are closer to the topic of discussion so that we can work on ways to show them more.

These votes are not currently visible to the public.

Twitter has not yet said whether it intends to add votes for and against as a permanent feature of its social network, or even explains how the feature will affect how users’ feeds are displayed; But the obvious similarity of this feature to one of the most obvious options in Reddit can not be ignored. In that social network, voting for and against is used as a way to raise popular replies and posts. Of course, Twitter says that for now, the votes for and against do not affect the order in which tweets are displayed.

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