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Touch-free displays during the corona

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A company has developed a touch-free touchscreen app to act as a health interface during the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to News i and quoted by IAAccording to Leap Motion, a new program has been launched with the ability to integrate touch screens to create a user interface in the air without the need to touch the screen.

The new program uses the UltraLip camera module with hand tracking software to enable hand movement detection without the need to touch the screen, which is a possibility of hygiene during the outbreak of Corona virus.

This app, called “Touchfree”, detects the user’s hand in the air, as when the user touches the screen. The program is designed to work with pre-existing user interfaces.

Train stations, hotels, airports, restaurants and museums rely on public kiosks and touch screens to minimize transaction and ticket purchasing time. Recent research shows that while the Covid-19 pandemic continues, 80 percent of people find public touch screens unhealthy.

“Ordinary touch screens have worked well for us over the years, but people want to be able to work with them in this Corona crisis,” said Ultraleap CEO Steve Cliff. Our recent research shows that only 50% of people now use touch screens, and TouchFree is an ideal program for retouching touch screen kiosks.

The Covid-19 outbreak crisis has prompted many healthcare industries to reconsider the technologies they use. Physicians, for example, are at the forefront of using augmented reality technology to help patients without ignoring social distance.

In March, a ward at a hospital in Wuhan, China, reportedly operated without interruption with the help of robots, including 12 intelligent robots equipped with 5G network, to minimize human interaction and disrupt the virus transmission chain.

News i



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