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Friday, October 15, 2021

The world’s largest and most accurate simulator was built!

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Researchers have created the world’s largest and most realistic simulator that can be downloaded.

According to News i and quoted by Science Alert, The science of astronomy is slightly different from other sciences because there is only one example and astronomers can not study several worlds but can make computer simulations of the world and by changing its various aspects, the role of dark matter and dark energy in Discover the world.

The world’s largest and most accurate simulator ever built is called Uchuu, which means “outer space” in Japanese.

The simulator contains 2.1 trillion particles in space 9.6 billion light-years across, modeling the evolution of the universe over 13 billion years. The focus of this simulated world is on the behavior of dark matter in the expanding universe.

This simulator was created by the “ATERUI II” supercomputer in Japan, and despite its great power, the data collection and simulation took a whole year.

The details of Ocho are so great that researchers have been able to identify galaxy clusters and dark matter halos of separate galaxies that provide information about the early universe.

“Ocho is like a time machine,” says doctoral student Julia F. Ereza. We can go back in time, come forward and stop. We can magnify a galaxy or view an entire galaxy cluster. This tool is essential for studying the universe.

Building such an accurate model of the universe requires a great deal of computing and storage space.

The researchers used more than 40,000 multicore processors to build their simulators and generated more than three petabytes of data. That’s equivalent to three million gigabytes, but the researchers were able to compress that data to 100 terabytes, which, although still large, could be stored on a computer drive.

Fortunately, it is possible to access the raw data of this simulator online and you do not need to buy expensive drives, but if you want to search in this virtual world, you have to download it and you need a lot of hard disk space to download it.

In addition to accurately simulating the universe, this computer model could also be useful for researchers working on scientific data.

News i



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