The world-class Oppo Reno 4 Pro was introduced with a bright display and quad-camera


The fourth generation of the Reno Oppo family of mid-range phones has been officially introduced to the global market with some differences compared to the model for the Chinese market. The Oppo Reno 4 Pro has more processing power, a more powerful camera and better charging than the previous model Reno 3 Pro.

World model Oppo Reno 4 Pro from the display AMOLED with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 720G processor with a 48-megapixel main camera and 65-watt fast charging technology. Oppo introduced 125 watt fast charging technology in late July; But it does not seem to be intended for use on intermediate devices at this time.

The display of the Oppo Rino 4 Pro uses a 6.3-inch E3 Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1,080.2 ٬ 400 pixels. Oppo has announced a touch screen sampling rate for the Renault 4 Pro screen at 180 Hz, and claims that the screen brightness will reach 1,100 nits. Thanks to the use of the OLED display, the device’s fingerprint sensor is located under the panel. The new Oppo phone is officially certified to play 1080p content on Netflix and also supports the Dolby Atmos standard.

Oppo Reno 4 Pro display

The new Oppo phone looks like an attractive device in terms of design. The sides of the screen are bent 55.9 degrees. This amount of curvature makes it possible to see the screen from the sides. In addition, thanks to this design language, the Oppo Rino 4 Pro offers a 92% screen-to-body ratio. The new Oppo phone is not a small device, but it is relatively thin (7.7 mm). In addition, the Oppo phone weighs 161 grams.

One of the differences between the world and Chinese versions of the Renault 4 Pro is the combination of the rear camera; In the Reno 4 Pro Universal, there is no mention of a telephoto camera with 2x magnification capability, and instead we see a black-and-white module with a 2-megapixel sensor, which brings the total number of rear panel cameras to 4. The new Renault 4 Pro’s main camera is powered by a Sony IMX586 2.1-inch 48-megapixel sensor, while the Renault 3 Pro used a larger 1 / 1.72 sensor with a resolution of 64 megapixels. Both the rear camera and the 32-megapixel selfie camera of Oppo Rino 4 Pro support Night mode, are equipped with electronic image stabilization system and have the ability to take portraits.

The Renault 4 Pro rear camera can capture acceptable images even in very dark environments; Even when the ambient light intensity is just a luxury. The camera of the new Oppo phone uses Ultra Steady system for anti-shake. If you want to put more of the environment in the video frame, you can use the ultra-wide camera, which also offers Ultra Steady capability. The ultra-wide camera has an 8-megapixel sensor in its heart. The fourth and latest Renault 4 Pro rear camera is equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor and a macro lens for shooting close-ups.

Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial points about the Renault 4 Pro has to do with its Snapdragon 720G processor. When unveiling its new phone, Oppo compared its processing power to the Helio P95 Renault 3 Pro processor. According to Oppo, Qualcomm’s 8-nanometer chip performs 46% better in single-core tests in Geekbench, bringing the number to 22 during multi-core tests in the benchmark. According to the Manhattan GFXBench, Qualcomm’s GPU is 40% faster than MediaTek’s GPU.

Back panel of Oppo Reno 4 Pro black model

The processing power of the global Renault 4 Pro is not as good as the Chinese model; Oppo has equipped the Chinese model with Snapdragon 765G. A number of European Renault 3 Pro models are also available with the Snapdragon 765G; Of course, the European models of this phone have a weaker camera than the model equipped with a MediaTek processor.

In the global model of Reno 4 Pro, we see 8 GB of RAM along with 128 or 256 GB of storage memory. The phone is equipped with a special cooling system that includes graphite tubes, graphite sheets and a copper foil. The Oppo mid-range uses a 4,000 mAh battery with SuperWOOC 2.0 65-watt charging technology. Oppo says SuperVOOC 2.0 can fully charge the phone in 36 minutes. The company also says that with a 5-minute charge, you can watch YouTube videos for a full 4 hours. Oppo says users should not worry about device safety due to the multi-layered design of the battery and fast charging system.

The universal model of Oppo Rino 4 Pro is available in two colors: Black (Starry Night) and White (Silky White). Both have a matte back panel. The base model with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage will be available in India on August 5, 2020 for 34,990 rupees ($ 465).

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