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The Tesla plant in Germany needs Shanghai’s help


Construction of the Tesla Gigafactor plant in Germany is ahead of schedule, despite the miraculous global expansion of the era in which industrial societies have been established and regulatory barriers make it almost impossible for new automakers to continue. According to Truthaboutcars, production at the Gruenheide plant (nicknamed Gigaberlin or Gigafactory 4) was originally scheduled to begin this month and will begin shortly after delivery; But these goals have been moved towards the end of this year or the possible scenario of early 2022.


As Tesla continues to want to supply the European electric car market, its Shanghai facility will begin shipping cars to Europe in August until local production begins. The Tesla Model Y electric crossovers will be imported from China until the assembly site is located in Germany, which will be clearly more difficult than the carmaker predicted.

Ilan MaskTesla CEO has repeatedly criticized the bureaucratic process in California, citing it as the main reason for relocating its main business to Texas. German officials have not shied away from complaining about Tesla CEO’s criticism, and Musk has noted that regulatory issues are delaying the operation of the Gruenheide plant. The building permit for the project has been delayed many times; Environmentalists wanted to protect the forested area of ​​the site, claiming that setting up the plant would harm endangered animal populations. The company also had a dispute with its water supplier over allegations of non-payment of fines (or property rights) to the Straussberg-Erkner Water Association; The claim later turned out to be false.

Ilan Mask

According to the latest Automotive News report, these were among the cases that halted the growth of the German gigafactory and eventually forced Tesla to import the Y model from China. Tesla is facing many obstacles to opening its German plant, and Ilan Musk has expressed dissatisfaction with the complex and cumbersome regulation of the plant’s operation. The American automaker wants to produce about 500,000 Tesla Model Y and Model 3 electric vehicles a year at the Gruenheide plant; Of course, the company does not yet have a final environmental permit to build. Officials in the state of Brandenburg (the site of the Gigafactory plant) said last week that Tesla had built tanks on the plant site without the approval of local authorities and that they were ready to fine the automaker.

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German news media have confirmed that delivery of Tesla electric vehicles (especially Chinese-made crossovers) will begin next month; But the local facility is set to become the main point of supply for Tesla Model Y energy and batteries in Europe once completed. Unfortunately, the opening schedule of this factory remains flexible. German authorities have advanced the plant to a considerable extent; But they said the company would not be able to use the tanks (and several other structures) that were allegedly built without legal permits. Of course, when Tesla puts a lot of money on the table of any government agency (which reminds the company of its commitments to the environment and local laws), the problem will soon be solved.

Tesla Model Y front view

Such an issue does not mean that the situation in China is better; Tesla has been widely interrogated in the country and appears to have worked hard to clear up allegations of poor product quality and to help outsiders spy on the Chinese military. Tesla customers also protested to several regulators about the quality of models produced in the country during the Shanghai Auto Show. Many have argued that these actions are political; Because the state media deliberately tried to harass the American company, which has recently completed the construction of a large and advanced production site in China.




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