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The price and release date of the iPhone 13 family have been determined


Apple has finally unveiled four new phones with the name of iPhone 13 and similar extensions of the previous generation, after a lot of rumors. The new iPhones can be described as improved versions of the iPhone 12 family, which are based on its design components. The handsets feature a new display based on LTPO technology, which in turn allows Apple to support content at 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, enhancements to the A15 camera and processor are evident.

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Despite some speculation about an increase in the price of parts used in the new iPhones, Apple has not changed the price of all four iPhone 13 models; So, the standard models (iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13) are priced at $ 699 and $ 799, respectively, while the tech giant for the fifth consecutive year has launched the high-end models, including the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max at $ 999. And will ship $ 1099; Of course, it should be noted that the price tag is related to the basic versions, and naturally, the price increases due to the increase in storage memory.

According to Apple, all iPhone 13 models will be available for pre-order on Friday, September 17, and all four devices will be available a week later on September 24.

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