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The most powerful version of Shelby van with Offroad application was introduced


There is a new player in the off-road pickup section with amazing performance and his name is very familiar all over the world. According to Motorwan, car tuning specialists from Shelby American decided to change the look of the new Ford F-150 model 2021; But they did not use the name Super Snake for this model. This model is called the Shelby F-150 and its task is to improve the performance of Ford’s popular pickup truck on off-road routes.

Front view of Ford based Shelby F-150/2021 Shelby F-150 pickup truck / white Ford

This point may be quite evident in the photos of this modified van; But you should know that the Ford F-150 tuning goes beyond the large tires and Shelby signs inside and outside the cabin. The pickup is mounted on an upgraded suspension, BDS height boost kit and Fox 2.5 aluminum front and rear shock absorbers. Shelby officials say the suspension uses built-in bypass technology and adjustable dual speed control, and everything is managed by a dedicated system set up for luxury travel, excellent off-road performance or improved on-road handling. Rear traction bars are part of these upgrades, and of course the pickup is mounted on large 22-inch Shelby rims with all-round BFGoodrich KO2 tires.

Aesthetically, people all over the world know that Shelby loves to show off her name. Shelby windshield with front bumper cover and fender vents makes the perfect combination. If you miss the Shelby embossing on the windshield, you can find it twice on the sides as stripes on the bottom and top on the bottom of the taillight. The rear bumper and side mirrors and door handles are painted in the same color as the body. The hood has been upgraded with large air vents and LeMans stripes can be seen on it. The cabin is also decorated with two-tone leather upholstery for the seats, carbon fiber trim and lots of Shelby signs.

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According to reports CarscoopsBuyers under the hood have a choice between the two options. The high-end version has a 5-liter eight-cylinder turbocharged engine equipped with a Whipple supercharger that brings its power to 775 horsepower. The second option is a lower-cost naturally aspirated propulsion system; The naturally aspirated version of the van is said to have a 395-horsepower engine; But this is probably wrong; Because the Ford F-150 5-liter eight-cylinder turbocharged engine produces more than 400 horsepower; But regardless of the lack of a supercharger, the Shelby F-150 uses a sports inlet system equipped with a fast flow filter and carbon fiber inlet hose, upgraded throttle and injectors, a new heat exchanger and a Borla exhaust system.

View of the cabin and dashboard of the Shelby F-150 / Ford-based Shelby F-150 pickup truck

The new Shelby F-150 pickup has many options and upgrades to suit an off-road model; But as you can guess, the cost is very high. The Shelby F-150 Model 2021 is offered as the most powerful, modified and worthy version of this van in its history, and all its production versions are based on the 4×4 Lariat Ford F-150 pickup model, and its price is for the version equipped with a naturally aspirated engine from 107. Starts at $ 080. Prices for the 775-horsepower supercharged version start at $ 114,980 without additional features. 600 Shelby F-150 pickups are manufactured for customers in the United States and selected European countries.




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