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The best phones of 2021; From 144Hz displays to 18GB of RAM

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To date, almost four months after 2021, attractive handsets have entered the market: Samsung Year with the introduction of three models of the series Galaxy S21 All three models quickly became the most popular and best-selling handsets on the market. On the other, Xiaomi Series May 11 Introduced in exciting models and OnePlus Also from its new flagships called OnePlus 9 And OnePlus 9 Pro Unveiled. In the meantime, Lenovo And Asus They also unveiled their gaming phones.

But there is still a long way to go until the end of 2021 and many exciting handsets are set to be introduced; From the series Apple iPhone 13 From the next generation of Samsung clamshell phones as well as Huawei flagship phones.

In this article, we want to review the best phones of 2021; Both those that have been offered and those that have not even been introduced.

The best 2021 phones that have been introduced

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Behind the Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung

Samsung started 2021 with the introduction of its new flagships. Galaxy S21 series which consists of three members (ordinary model without extension, model plus And model ultra) Continued the successful formula of last year’s models. This time Samsung had a special focus on the Galaxy S21 Ultra; Because considering the end of the Note series, it seems that this model is going to play the role of the Galaxy Note 21 as well. For this reason, Samsung supports Pen S Pen Also added to this phone. Of course, this is not yet certain and it is possible that Galaxy Note 21 Introduce yourself as the last member of this series in the summer.

As the Review of the Galaxy S21 Ultra As we said, this phone has a unique display, excellent cameras and fast and stable performance, and is easily considered one of the best phones of 2021.

Xiaomi May 11 Ultra

The best 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra phones

Although the base model May 11 Two days before the start of 2021, three months after the introduction of May 11, two advanced models of this phone with letters May 11 Pro And May 11 Ultra Introduced as the best Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi has tried to use the best hardware possible in making these phones. From the chip Snapdragon 888 From displays with 120Hz refresh rate and 67-watt charge, which Xiaomi claims can charge the bulky batteries of these two phones in less than 40 minutes. But between the two, the May 11 Ultra has attracted more attention thanks to its ceramic body and small display next to the rear cameras, making it one of the most special and best phones of 2021.

Of course, unlike most low-priced Xiaomi handsets, the new Xiaomi flagship will hit the market with a price tag of more than $ 1,000.

Sony Xperia 1 Brand III

The best 2021 Sony Xperia 1 brand III phones

New flagship Sony In the name Xperia 1 Mark III We can easily consider it one of the best phones of 2021. From 4K resolution OLED display with 120Hz refurbishment to chip Snapdragon 888, Stereo speakers, shutter hardware key, 3.5 mm headphone jack, etc .; All of this makes Sony’s new flagship one of the most complete phones ever made. But the trump card is the Xperia 1 brand III in its telephoto camera. The phone’s telephoto camera has a variable focal length lens that offers both triple optical zoom and 5x optical zoom. All cameras use Zeiss lenses. Of course, this phone has just been introduced and its exact price and release date have not been determined yet.

OnePlus 9 Pro

The best 2021 OnePlus 9 Pro phones

Company OnePlus In the first months of this year, from its new flagship phones, models OnePlus 9 And its more advanced model, OnePlus 9 Pro Unveiled. These two models are very similar in terms of technical specifications to Xiaomi May 11 and Samsung Galaxy S21. OnePlus to produce these two phones with a famous company Hesl country Collaborated so that its new handsets could compete with other flagships in photography and video. The OnePlus 9 Pro differs from the regular model in a larger, higher-quality display, a metal body, the addition of a fourth camera for optical zoom, and a 50-watt fast charge.

OnePlus phones have always been die-hard fans, and the new models, with their improvements, both keep their fans happy and are included in the list of the best phones of 2021.

Lenovo Legend Duel 2

The best Lenovo Ligen Duel 2021 phones

Gaming phones are usually never as well received as they should be. The reason for this is the high price, their scarcity in the market and sometimes their strange appearance. In terms of odd appearance, this year Lenovo went one step further and with the introduction of the Liden Duel 2, it practically introduced a handheld game console. The chip of this phone is in the middle of it, which is cooled by a fan. There are two batteries at the top and bottom of the phone that can be fully charged in 30 minutes with two USB ports. Except for these, you have to chip Snapdragon 888 Along with 18GB of RAM, a 144Hz display, stereo speakers and a number of virtual keys on the edges of the phone.

The cool thing about the Lenovo Legend Duel 2 is that, unlike other gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5, it doesn’t have a weird price and you can get it for $ 799; That is the same price as the base model of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

The best 2021 Asus Ragphone 5 Ultimate phones

Flagship phones Asus This year, they were introduced in three regular models, Pro and Ultimate. The Ultimate model, as the best and most luxurious model in this series, is equipped with 512 GB of internal memory and 18 GB of RAM, and in terms of technical specifications, it is very similar to the Lenovo Duel 2. This phone also has a flagship chip Snapdragon 888 It is located in the middle of the phone on both sides of two 3000 mAh batteries with a total capacity of 6000 mAh. Of course, these two batteries, unlike the Lenovo phone, are charged at a maximum speed of 65 watts, and there is no news of a super-fast 90-watt charge.

Unlike the Lenovo gaming phone, the Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate does not have any cooling technology by default, but inside the box is a separate fan that connects to the phone via a USB port. This fan both reduces the temperature of the phone and adds two capacitive switches and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. In addition, Asus has introduced a large number of gaming accessories for this $ 1600 phone, so that it can be named the best phone of 2021, at least in terms of the variety of accessories.

The best phones of 2021 that have not been introduced yet

Huawei P50

The best 2021 Huawei P50 phones

After the US sanctions against Huawei and the removal of Google services from the Chinese company’s phones, there is no more excitement for the new Huawei phones; But aside from the software debate, we have to admit that P-series phones have always had the best and most advanced cameras among smartphones.

According to information leaked to date, Huawei P50 Which will be the company’s flagship this year, from a one-inch sensor Sony IMX800 It uses a resolution of 50 megapixels. This is the first time we have seen a full-frame sensor on a smartphone. Such a sensor could easily make the Huawei P50 the best phone for photography and one of the best phones of 2021. The leaked images of this phone also show its exciting cameras.

IPhone 13

The best 2021 Apple iPhone 13 phones

Undoubtedly, Apple iPhones are among the most important phones that are introduced every year. If Apple does not change the naming tradition of the last few years, the phones that will be introduced later this summer, IPhone 13 They have a name. So far no official or reliable information has been released about the iPhone 13; But according to rumors and predictions, the iPhone 13, like the iPhone 12 series, will likely enter the market in four models, and their most important improvements include a smaller cut or notch at the top of the screen, the addition of a fingerprint sensor under the screen, increasing the screen refresh rate to 90 Or 120 Hz (only on Pro and Pro Max models), 1TB of internal memory (only on the Pro Max model) and the addition of a periscope camera to increase the optical zoom (only on the Pro and Pro Max models).

Samsung Z Flip 2 and Z Fold 3

The best 2021 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phones

Given the great popularity of Samsung clamshell phones last year, we will definitely see the introduction of their new models this year. It’s still not clear if Samsung, like last year, is just a foldable series Zed Fold Continues or this time sees the introduction of a new model of clamshell phone Zed Flip We will be too. Rumors about Zold Fold 3 added support Pen S Pen, The camera under the screen and even a light strip with RGB color on the hinge.

In the case of clamshell phones Zd Flip 2 No reliable information has been released yet, but rumors point to a 120Hz display and a lower price compared to the previous model. If Samsung maintains its annual tradition, the two handsets will be introduced in mid-summer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21

The best 2021 Samsung Galaxy Note 21 phones

It is not yet clear exactly that Galaxy Note 21 Will it be introduced next to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 this year or not? It was announced some time ago that Samsung will stop production of the Note series and replace it with S-series phones and clamshell phones. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also the first S series phone to support the S Pen. A Samsung executive also announced that the Galaxy Note 21 will probably not be introduced due to the lack of chips. But exactly when the production of the Note series will stop may be postponed to next year, and this year we will see the introduction of the Galaxy Note 21 as the last member of this popular series.

However, if Samsung wants to introduce the Galaxy Note 21, it will probably have a similarly powerful phone. Galaxy S21 Ultra We find that it is equipped with a larger display, more up-to-date hardware, better cameras and an S Pen slot.

Nokia 10

The best Nokia 1021 phones

Since the last time Nokia Introducing the flagship phone, it’s been a long time. This issue will be introduced in early 2019 Nokia 9 Returns during the Mobile World Congress 2019. Of course, Nokia 9 was not an attractive phone and could not attract positive reviews from critics. So far in 2021, Nokia has introduced a large number of mid-range and low-end handsets, and there is still no word on a flagship model.

We expect Nokia to finally have a powerful and attractive chip flagship this year Snapdragon 888 Unveil. Of course, it is not clear what exactly this phone will be called; May Nokia 9.2 Or Nokia 9.3 Be or even Nokia 10.

IPhone SE 2021 or iPhone SE Plus

The best 2020 iPhone SE 2020 phones

since IPhone SE 2020 With body IPhone 8 Introduced, rumors about the model plus It with the body IPhone 8 Plus There was. Now, new rumors show that the next generation iPhone SE, which will probably be introduced this year, will be the same iPhone SE Plus, which, like the iPhone 8 Plus, has a 5.5-inch display and is made of chips. A14 Bionic Which is used in the iPhone 12. If these rumors are true, Apple fans can finally get a large-screen iPhone at a low cost. However, no reliable source has yet confirmed the introduction of the next generation iPhone SE.

In your opinion, dear readers of News i, what is the best phone of 2021?


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