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Tesla S-Dirt 2021 electric car fire in Pennsylvania, USA

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A driver from Hoverford, Pennsylvania, who was trapped in his Tesla S-Dirt 2021 electric car, barely escaped the fire. According to Carscoops, the car owner’s lawyers told CNBC that when the driver noticed smoke coming from the back of his car, he tried to unlock the door and get out; He noticed that the door locks were defective and had to open the door with a knock. The car is said to have started moving on its own after the driver fled.

Tesla Model S Plaid black electric car

Ben Mislas, A member of Malik’s legal team, posted pictures of the damaged car on Twitter on July 1, saying they had tried to file a complaint with Tesla officials; But so far they have been ignored. Owner identity not disclosed; But Miclas has described him as a top manager. After the fire was extinguished, firefighters moved the Tesla Model S Plaid to a complex for testing; But CNBC reported that the owner has since removed the car to independently investigate and determine the cause of the fire.

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Tesla Model S Plaid is one of the best-selling Tesla cars. The first prototype was delivered to the customer during a ceremony on June 14 in which Tesla’s electric vehicle reached a top speed of 96 km / h in 47.2 seconds. Jay Leno managed to cover a quarter of a mile (400 meters) in 2.9 seconds with this car. A spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission told CNBC that the safety agency was aware of the Tesla Model S fire and was in contact with all relevant agencies to gather more information.

A spokesman for the organization said:

If data or research indicates an inherent defect or hazard to vehicle safety, NHTSA will take steps to protect the public.

Operators say no one was injured in the incident; But it took 3 hours to put out the fire. Tesla officials including Ilan Mask, So far have not shown a specific reaction to this issue and we have to see what they will do in the coming days.


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