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Surprise; Mineral water distribution company (drink summer useful and cool)

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As the temperature rose, 20 provinces of the country were warned about overheating. By reducing 50 to 70% of body water, a person will suffer from heatstroke. To prevent overheating, you should replenish lost water by drinking fluids and mineral water. Now why mineral water? Mineral water contains more minerals than sodium, magnesium and calcium, and drinking it helps lower blood pressure and improve bone health and constipation, and even affects heart health.

These days, we are witnessing the emergence of various commercial brands and a significant variety of mineral water products in the market; But which of these emerging brands could be the best mineral water distribution companies? If you are looking for an answer to this question in this summer heat and you want to know the best mineral water in the world, join us.

Surprise mineral water

The best surprise for the hottest season of the year

Most people do not pay much attention to the brand and the specifications and description on the packaging when buying mineral water on a hot summer day. This factor makes them often have an unpleasant experience about buying and tasting mineral water. To avoid repeating such experiences, choosing and trusting a well-known and old brand is the only solution. Surprise brand is one of the top mineral water in the world and one of the old brands of natural mineral water production in our country.

Surprise Mineral Water Distribution Company was established in 2005 in order to produce and distribute drinking water with the best quality and salts. The brand is best known for its main purpose, which is to promote 19-liter packaging with home and office delivery service. Distributing 19-liter packages and delivering them at home has been done for many years in developed countries for various uses. The 19-liter surprise gallon reduces costs due to the circulation of the container and the removal of waste, and is a cost-effective choice for customers.

Since 2008, Surprise Company (Aquatic Star Iranian) has been producing and delivering half-liter and one-half-liter mineral water bottles to stores, products that are more commonly used in our country. Since 2017, disposable 19, 10 and 5 liter packages have been included in the production line of surprise products. Surprise Company is located in Kordan region of Karaj with the best quantity and quality of water. Now that you are familiar with the company that makes the best mineral water in the world, you should know about the best surprise mineral water products.

5 liters of disposable water Surprise; High quality and cost-effective

5 liter disposable water surprise is produced for sale in tourist areas and daily consumption. Surprise 5 liters of drinking water is tested during the production and packaging process to meet international standards in criteria such as water hardness, color, taste, salts and minerals. Surprise Company has used PETG raw materials in the production of packaging of this product. These substances will not have any chemical effect on the color, taste and quality of water. Now, why is the name of this product disposable? Surprise 5 liter water packaging is produced in such a way that it can be used only once.

19 gallon water per gallon; The best surprise product

This product is suitable for people who need both water and gallons at the same time. The 19-liter gallon of circulating water is a cost-effective option for users who need standard gallons of liquids. In subsequent surprise orders, you no longer need to pay for the gallon, you just have to order the gallon mineral water and charge the 19 liter gallon. The surprise of the manufacturer of the best mineral water in the world with the purchase of a 19 liter gallon has also provided the possibility of free shipping.

Water 330cc Plus; The most luxurious surprise

If you are looking for mineral water with beautiful packaging for conferences, ceremonies and luxury restaurants, Luxury Mineral Water 330 Surprise is the best option for you. This product is produced in 16-digit packages and as a VIP. No additives were used during the production of 330cc Plus water.

Half a liter of water; The best mineral water in the world

The most common type of mineral water is half a liter of surprise water; Because of the multiple filtration process during the surprise half-liter water filtration process, there is no change in the volume of salts and the quality and taste of the water. Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and nitrate are some of the salts and minerals in half a liter of drinking water that are the best mineral water in the world.

Surprise mineral water

Drink cool with summer surprise!

  • Surprise mineral water is rich in pure minerals, and sodium, iron and magnesium are important components of Surprise mineral water.
  • Disinfection of mineral water from springs by filtration, osmotic radiation, purification and ultraviolet radiation is the main factor that distinguishes surprise from other mineral water production plants.
  • All surprise product packages have an expiration date.
  • In the process of producing bottles of the best mineral water in the world in Surprise Company, quality raw materials are used; Because the use of quality materials prevents the effects of sunlight and temperature on the bottle.

Now you are familiar with the manufacturer of the best mineral water in the world and its products. To buy surprise products, you can visit the official website of this collection and buy your products online so that it can be sent to your desired place for free.


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