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Sony SR Display displays 3D content without the need for glasses

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3D TV is largely a dead idea, which is why tech companies have been trying for years to experience 3D content without the need for special glasses. However, what we have said does not mean that 3D technology has no particular application. Sony recently unveiled a new display called the Display Rail Display (Spatial Reality Display (SR Display) has created eye-tracking technology to render believable 3D objects, and the user can see this content without the need for 3D glasses or a virtual reality headset.

Sony’s new display can allow CG and VR designers to easily preview their project. This display carries a $ 5,000 price tag. Sony first unveiled the SR Display during CES 2020; At that time, the product in question was called Eye-Sensing Light Field Display.

Sony SR Display 3D display showing the city of tall buildings in the blue sky

Sony’s product includes a 4.6-inch 4K LCD display with a high-speed motion sensor for motion monitoring and a micro-optical lens mounted on the LCD; The micro-optical lens divides the screen into right and left to match your right and left eyes to create a stereoscopic image; Your position around the screen is also important.

Sony SR Display requires a powerful computer to work. According to Sony, you will need at least an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia RTX 2070 Super graphics card to use this $ 5,000 display. The display designed by Sony is based on a real-time rendering algorithm, and the user needs a powerful system to process this algorithm. Keep in mind that the Sony display processes two 2K ​​images at the same time to match them with your eye movements; Obviously, processing two 2K ​​images simultaneously requires a lot of processing power.

Japanese woman next to Sony SR Display

Until the official introduction of Spatial Reality Display, none of the experts in the field of technology could find a chance to work with the product; However, one of the media experts Angjet Who saw the Sony display at CES, says the product in question looks like a demo version of the hologram. This expert calls Sony product “small, dumb and non-special”. Sony says it has succeeded in producing a product known as a 3D display without the need for 3D glasses, yet promotional videos portray the product as if we were facing a small stage to display holographic objects.

It’s too early to comment on the Sony display and we’d better wait for the official release of the product. Of course, some companies have recently started the process of using Sony SR Display. Volkswagen says that Sony’s display is a worthwhile product and has several uses.

Company Sony Pictures He used the Spatial Reality Display in Ghostbusters: Afterlife to add visual effects to scenes and preview 3D models. The Sony display can have many uses in the process of making movies with high VFX visual effects; Because this display allows filmmakers to view CG effects and 3D models from different angles.

Viewing 3D content is not an easy task with the equipment we have today; But a display designed by Sony will simplify the process. This is especially true for the representation of complex 3D models. Sony says that through the new technology, 3R Technology intends to use “real-time real-time” solutions to provide various capabilities during the corona virus world. Sony Spatial Reality Display is scheduled to be released in November 2020 (November and December 2016).


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