Seven iPhone 13 models were seen in the Eurasia Database

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database has added a series of new part numbers to its database, known as the next generation of iPhones. According to Apple Insider, these models run iOS 14, which confirms that they are iPhone, and will most likely be models of the iPhone 13 family.

In general, model numbers A2640, A2643, A2635, A2634, A2630, A2628, A2645 are entered into a single archive in the EEC database, and the EEC has divided the number of models into two or more different sections; But this does not seem to be an indication of the technological difference between the models or their range. The difference between the seven models is thought to be related to configuration such as storage and RAM.

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Apple will not introduce the next generation of iPhones until the second half of this year. However, reports from the supply chain suggest that the tech giant has ordered a large number of VCM (audio coil engine) systems to improve the focus of the iPhone 13 camera, which will begin mass production later this month. In addition, the Taiwanese are said to have begun production of the A15 processor ahead of schedule; A processor that will probably be the beating heart of the iPhone 13 family and will provide its processing power.

It is believed that the iPhone 13 series with improved hardware and minor design changes will be unveiled at Apple’s traditional event in September (September) and will be released after a while. The tech giant is expected to use a smaller notch in the iPhone 13 series to incorporate Face ID sensors. It is also reported that the chassis of Apple 2021 phones will be slightly thicker and the camera module will be larger.

Evidence shows that the iPhone 13 series will support promotion technology and an ever-bright display, both of which can drain more energy. Apple, on the other hand, plans to take advantage of the new low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) technology in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max displays, which is critical to promoting energy. A combination of low-power LTPO display and increased battery capacity can really increase battery life in the iPhone series.

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