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Samsung unveils its first dedicated car camera sensor


Samsung has unveiled its new camera sensor, the ISOCELL Auto 4AC, designed specifically for cars. This sensor can be used as a rear view camera or for the surrounding view in more advanced systems.

Tesla seems to be the first customer of Samsung car camera sensors. According to SamMobile, a contract worth $ 436 million has been signed between the two companies, and Tesla’s new cyber trucks are to be equipped with these camera sensors. According to rumors, Tesla may also use Samsung’s PixCell LEDs as cyber truck headlights. The Cyber ​​Truck is actually Tesla’s electric high-chassis, first introduced in 2019, and instead of using a rear-view mirror, it used an array of cameras attached to a display on the dashboard.

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck

Instead of focusing on image quality and resolution, it’s natural for Samsung’s new camera module to maneuver on items such as the Dynamic Range of 120 dB and reduced LED flicker. According to Samsung, these items are based on the company’s CornerPixel technology. This technology combines two photodiodes per pixel: one with a size of three micrometers for viewing images in low light and the other with a size of one micrometer that will allow viewing images in high light.

This combination allows the sensor to be automatically adjusted based on changes in ambient light (for example, when exiting the tunnel) and reduces the flickering of LED lights. The ISOCELL Auto 4AC sensor is a 1 / 3.7-inch sensor with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (960 x 1280). In addition, it meets the requirements of the AEC-Q100 standard and can perform well in a wide temperature range from -40 to 125 ° C. At present, this sensor is in the mass production stage.




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