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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Samsung has confirmed that it is producing sliding and sliding displays

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According to a report from the gsmarena website, Samsung Display has confirmed that it is producing rolling and sliding displays. These products are similar to the rolling machine that LG displayed at CES 2021. Samsung Cluster Display also shared some interesting insights.

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Choi Kuan Yong, Samsung Display, senior vice president, spoke after the release of the company’s financial report, saying that these products are the first rolling and sliding screens to hit the market this year. The logical assumption is that these products will be used for the first time by Samsung Mobile; However, such an issue has not been explicitly confirmed.

Samsung will rely on features such as variable refresh rate and low-power mode to lead the growing OLED display market. However, the new technologies are also expected to be used in the display of Fold and Flip series devices. Unfortunately, these technologies, which may be used in the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Fold 3, have not yet been registered.


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