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Rumor has it that Ilan Mask wants to take over as Apple CEO if he sells Tesla


In recent years, rumors have it that Apple wants to buy Tesla to advance the Titan project to produce an electric car. Ilan Musk tweeted last year that he had been thinking of selling Tesla to Apple during the most difficult days, and apparently offered to sell Tesla at the current eleventh price to Apple CEO Tim Cook; Eventually, however, Cook refused to meet with Ilan Musk to finalize the purchase; But according to the latest rumor, Ilan Mask has asked Cook to sell Tesla, the CEO of the two companies.

This claim is made in a book entitled “The Game of Power; “Tesla, Ilan Mask, and the Betting of the Century” was first reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. According to the book, in a 2016 phone call between Musk and Cook focusing on Tesla sales, Musk said that Apple would buy Tesla only if he became the CEO of both companies. Apparently, Tim Cook was upset by this request and hung up angrily.

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As mentioned earlier, Ilan Musk had previously claimed that he had once called Tim Cook to discuss the possibility of Apple buying Tesla; But Cook declined to attend. Perhaps the reason for Cook’s refusal is related to this issue; But the new book confirms that no meeting was held for the purchase and summarizes the details in just one phone call between the parties. Cook recently said in an interview with the New York Times that she had never spoken to Mask; But he has a lot of respect for Tesla and the mask.

Following the publication of the book, Ilan Musk tweeted that its content was baseless, false and boring, and denied the details in general. He shared another tweet that explicitly denied that he and Cook had talked or made phone calls, and reiterated his statement months ago that he had at one point requested a meeting with Cook to discuss the possibility of Apple buying Tesla. It was Cook who refused to attend the meeting.

The report comes as some rumors suggest that Cook is retiring due to age. Tim Cook is one of the most successful executives who took over the helm of Apple in August 2011, replacing the late Steve Jobs, and through all the challenges and sustainable management, made Apple the most valuable company in the world. He is 60 years old after a decade at Apple, and his retirement is approaching. Of course, Ilan Mask is not expected to be one of his replacement options under any circumstances, given his managerial style.

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