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Rumor: Apple plans to equip iPad and MacBook Pro 2022 with OLED displays

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According to Apple Insider, citing sources close to Apple’s supply chain, the tech giant is planning to launch a 10.9-inch iPad in the first half of next year, and it turns out that this product will be the first iPad Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the organic LED displaya(OLED) is equipped.

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The report comes as previous rumors agreed on the introduction of the next-generation iPad Pro in the first half of 2021 with a mini LED display. It’s no secret that Apple is developing the next generation of iPads, including the iPad Pro. According to a new report, Apple is determined to use OLED displays in a wide range of products, including iPads and Macs. The report does not specify which iPad will be equipped with this type of display; But given the possible specs and launch time, it is thought to be the next generation iPad Air.

According to sources, production of the first OLED iPad will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021, before the release in early 2022. Apple is said to be considering OLED versions of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 16- to 17-inch MacBook Pro, both of which will be introduced next year. The report states that the company has not made a final decision to advance the production of both devices; Therefore, the accuracy of this report cannot be confirmed or denied.

With the transition from the OLED display and, as mentioned, the Cupertino residents have considered mini LED technology for use on at least some iPad Pro models and two MacBook Pro models. In addition, there are state-of-the-art micro LED displays that are now available to consumers on high-end, high-end TVs. According to previous rumors, the Apple Watch can be equipped with this type of display for the first time in the period 2023 to 2024.


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