Plants also need aspirin!

گیاهان هم به آسپیرین نیاز دارند!

Australian researchers have found in a new study that adding aspirin to farmland may help boost plant growth.

According to News i and quoted by New Atlas, When restoring industrial or agricultural land to its natural state, it is vital to revitalize its vegetation, including native grasses. New research suggests that adding aspirin to the soil may help plants grow.

The drug we know as aspirin is a synthetic form of a natural compound called salicylic acid, which is found in the bark of willow and other plants. Previous research has shown that aspirin strengthens resistance to pressure in crops such as tomatoes and makes them stronger.

The new study, led by Dr. Simone Pedrini, a researcher at Curtin University in Australia, looks at whether salicylic acid has a similar effect on wild plants. To do this, the researchers covered the seeds of three native grasses called Austrostipa scabra, Microlaena stipoides and Rytidosperma geniculatum with very low concentrations of salicylic acid.

Subsequent experiments were carried out on a farm in the state of Western Australia, where all three samples of native grass grow naturally. When the researchers compared their products with those obtained from uncovered seeds, they found that the survival and growth rates of the products obtained from coated seeds were significantly higher.

“More research is needed now on salicylic acid as a coating to protect other wild species and improve the resistance of native plants to drought, adverse temperatures,” said Professor Kingsley Dixon, a member of the team. Confirm pathogens and pesticides. In addition, salicylic acid coating should be tested on a wider range of plants along with other beneficial compounds because their combined effect on seed germination, plant growth and stability can improve successful seed use.

The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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