Moving from Android to HarmonyOS does not harm users’ data

If you’ve been following the news, you know that Huawei has been facing a number of challenges for some time due to crippling US sanctions. The Chinese giant has developed a new operating system called Harmony OS to get out of trouble, which can be a hope for the future of the company’s products. In fact, Huawei intends to replace its new operating system with Android, which has become the Achilles heel of the company outside of China; But certainly this migration faces challenges that can confuse users. It is now said that migrating to the new operating system does not harm the data, and all user data is easily transferred to HarmonyOS.

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Overall, Huawei has launched HarmonyOS 2 in China, and recent reports indicate that more than 10 million people have downloaded the new operating system. Now, GSMArena has published a report citing information leaked to the Chinese media, in which it shares important details about the upgrade of the new operating system.

It is said that after the new flash firmware, all user data including games, photos and applications are transferred without being damaged. In the meantime, OS Harmony is said to be in the final stages of release for volunteers registered in the public beta. However, some devices are still in internal beta; But Huawei is very optimistic about accelerating the release process.

When it comes to switching from Android to HarmonyOS, users can even keep their own photos and save login information for apps like WeChat and other software. However, when AppGallery becomes the main app store, it should be noted that some apps are not officially supported and users will now have to use AppGallery to download app updates.

In addition, it is said that the Honor smartphones that were introduced to the market before leaving Huawei will continue to receive the HarmonyOS operating system. However, Huawei executives have not announced any timetable for this transfer.

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