Microsoft works with ISPs to block the spread of Trickbot malware

Microsoft says it is working with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to find routers to detect suspicious Trickbot malware. Trickbot malware is spreading widely in Brazil and Latin America.

Microsoft hopes the saboteur will take action Break the international. According to dailybeast, this group is one of the main targets of the cyber command of the United States and Microsoft. According to the report, the hacker group that controls the Trickbot malware is present in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Suriname. The group exploits low-security computers as a massive botnet for their illegal purposes, including sending ransomware and malware.

Trickbot malware, which is known to hack routers and IoT devices, is not easily detected, and the owners of these devices are usually completely unaware of the presence of this malware. The suggested solution for these users is to replace the infected router with a new and secure router.

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The US Department of Justice has recently accused a Latvian woman of collaborating and developing the malware. Microsoft announced in 2020 that it had removed more than 94 percent of the group’s infrastructure. According to Microsoft, the group intended to attack the US election infrastructure. Hogan Bernie, “Trickbot malware is an ongoing problem for us,” said the director of Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit.

A Microsoft spokesman told Varge News Agency:

This model of problem solving is due to the unique coordination between Microsoft and Internet service providers. Microsoft helps these companies identify infected routers by sending reports directly to them. In Brazil, Internet service providers are present at their customers’ premises and replace the infected router with a healthy model.

Trickbot malware has reportedly attacked hospitals, schools and government agencies, stealing their information and locking them in for ransom.

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