Microsoft is preparing for another event in the coming days

The Microsoft press conference was held at E3 2021 and included the introduction of new exclusives along with titles that are expected to be added to the GamePas service on the day of release. Microsoft came to E3 this year with Bethesda and the Xbox-controlled studios, and with a compelling display, it attracted a lot of video game enthusiasts.

But there were also criticisms of Redmond, such as the fact that the trailer was not shown or at least the news of the expected titles, such as Push Blade 2; But according to EuroGamer, Microsoft wants to have another event in the coming days focusing on Xbox-controlled studios, with some titles missing. E3 event To pay.

The upcoming Microsoft event is scheduled to take place on Thursday of this week, June 17, at 9:30 PM Tehran time. According to reports, the event was organized with the aim of talking to a number of exclusive Microsoft studios such as Ninja Theory, Obsidian and Rare.

Some of the studios that are set to attend the event so far include Double Fine, creator of Psychonauts 2, Obsidian, creator of The Outer Worlds 2, Ninja Theory, developer of Hellblade 2, as well as Rare, creator of Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, and Everwild pointed out.

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Given that there was no news about Hellblade 2 at last night’s Microsoft event, attending and interviewing Ninja Theory Studios could be interesting for those interested.

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