Microsoft has begun testing a web-based version of the xCloud service for iOS

It is believed that cloud-based games will shape the future of the gaming industry; But Apple does not allow game streaming services to broadcast their apps directly in the App Store; Because they have to release each game individually after receiving Apple approval. So far, a number of cloud gaming service providers have opted to develop their services for iPhone and iPad based on web-based software instead of going that route; These services are available through the Web App (PWA) in the Safari browser and users can save it on their homepage.

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Recently, Nvidia released the first version of the GeForce Now cloud game service based on the Safari browser, and other game streaming services such as Google Studio, Playstation Now, and the new Amazon Luna service offer apps for iOS users to access through the Safari browser. It is said that Microsoft will join them soon; Because the Redmondians are said to have begun testing the web-based XCloud in the Safari browser.

It was first reported in October 2020 that Microsoft had decided not to launch its cloud game streaming service on iOS due to strict instructions from the App Store. Bringing cloud games to the iPhone and iPad via a web browser allows Microsoft to generally follow the App Store’s guidelines while circumventing the App Store’s verification restrictions.

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s xCloud service allows users to stream games via cloud and cloud computing instead of downloading the full version of the game in the traditional way. Verge has released new images from the web version that apparently show only the xCloud experience through the browser on the desktop; But X-Cloud experience will probably be the same on iOS and iPadOS. Users can select a game and play it directly in their browser; Of course, the exact resolution of the game is still in a state of ambiguity. Usually, services like these automatically adjust the resolution of the image to suit the quality of the user’s Internet.

When launched, XCloud only supports Chromium-based browsers such as Edge and Chrome on PCs; But Tom WarrenThe chief editor of Warg says he expects Safari browser support to be added after the internal test. So far, there is no set time for the public release of the service. However, it is believed that there is not much time left to wait and it will probably be available to users soon.

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