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JingOS; The first Linux distribution very similar to Apple’s iPadOS

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Over the years, a large number of Linux distributions have been developed by different people; But among them there are few cases that exclusively offer the experience of using a tablet. Some time ago, a distribution called JingOS was introduced, which is based on Ubuntu and supports the touch interface.

Linux distributions for tablets are not very common, and for this reason, when a distribution such as JingOS is introduced, it is generally well received. According to the report! OMG! Ubuntu, developers JingOS says the operating system is the first Linux distribution with Apple’s iPadOS form. We do not think anyone wants to make any particular criticism of this claim; Especially considering the functionality of JingOS.

Developers JingOS has released the following promotional video to introduce this Linux distribution, which shows the different aspects of the Jing operating system:

There are many things to look out for in the video above; Of course, most JingOS features are not currently available. The developers say that the initial version of JingOS will be available by the end of this month, and will soon start a crowdfunding effort to produce a tablet called the JingPad (JingPad) begin. This tablet will have JingOS distribution by default and will be fully compatible with it. It is said that Jing Pad will arrive in March 2021 (March 2016 and April 1400).

JingPad tablet using JingOS by default will be available soon

Operating systems such as Jolicloud and Ubuntu Netbook Remix, which have been available for a long time, have a touch “dashboard” so that the user can interact with them more easily. Of course, these operating systems were also designed to work with a normal mouse and keyboard in the first place. Ubuntu Touch looks similar to a tablet operating system, but it is practically a simple shell and the touch capabilities are not included in the operating system.

JingOS is a different operating system. The developers say that the main function of JingOS is with the tablet, and this operating system is secondarily intended to provide an experience for laptops. This means that JingOS is not intended to be a Linux desktop distribution for running tablet applications; Rather, the more accurate description is to call JingOS a Linux distribution for tablets that can run desktop applications. Paying attention to this difference is essential to better understanding JingOS capabilities.

JingOS Linux distribution similar to iPadOS notification section

Official information says that JingOS has a dedicated set of default applications for calendar, file management and web browsing, all designed to offer all their capabilities with touch input. Software based on mouse cursors such as The WPS Office shown in the video above still works with touch commands; But they do not provide all their function by touch.

If you are familiar with Linux distributions, JingOS will definitely be very interesting for you and according to the analyst! OMG! Ubuntu Undoubtedly, many people say that JingOS is good enough that it does not look like real operating systems.

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Developing the user interface, maintaining the operating system, and providing software support are three very difficult tasks that JingOS developers seem to have accomplished. In the process of doing any of the three, there is a high probability of failure.

JingOS is clearly a simple operating system. We have seen such projects before. The canonical solution in this area has a really good design; But it does not work well. We hope this does not happen for JingOS. Linux distributions like Deepin and Kylin, along with projects like PinePhone, prove that developing a different and user-friendly interface is feasible.


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