It was possible to use the Club House without an invitation

Eventually, after a long time, the Club House completely abandoned the invitation system and allowed all users to register. The administrators of this social network officially announced today that they no longer need an invitation to use this social network and users can enter the program directly. According to a spokesman for Club House, there are about 10 million users on the waiting list. This number of users will be slowly added to the app. But if you sign up for Club House today, you no longer have to wait.

Clubhouse also unveiled its new logo.

According to Varge, the changes come a week after the House Club unveiled its private messaging system called Backchannel. Clubhouse says more than 10 million messages were sent on the day of the Backchannel launch alone, and more than 90 million messages were sent through the Backchannel in one week.

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Of course, all this happens in the midst of intense competition. When Clubhouse unveiled its app and registered users by invitation. Its competitors, like Twitter Space, were available to all users without the need for an invitation. If Club House wants to compete and attract more users, it must ensure that all users can access this application. Part of the way Club House went about this was to bring the app to Android, and now it’s open to all users without the need for an invitation.

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