Everything we expect from next week’s Samsung Unpack event


The secrets of a company like Samsung, which has many business components, will not be hidden for long. Consider, for example, the series of information that is revealed before the introduction of all the high-end phones in the Samsung Galaxy series. Likewise, with just one week left until Samsung’s latest Unpacked event, one can get a clear idea of ​​what Samsung will be showing at the event. It should be noted that the event is held entirely online. Of course, Samsung not only failed to curb the rumors this year, but also did not oppose their release.

At first, Tiam Ro, Substitute DJ Koo As the director of Samsung’s smartphone division, he confirmed in a post on Samsung’s website that five powerful devices will be on display at the AtenPack event (he hopes to spend some time during the event explaining how powerful devices differ from regular devices). One week after the article was published, Samsung released a promotional video that showed a picture that looked like a family photo of the products to be introduced. This image left little room for speculation about the Unpacked event. Now that there is no time left for this event, it is a good time to explore what features Samsung’s new products will likely have.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in pink and black

Galaxy Buds Live

The simplest product among the devices to be introduced is the Galaxy Buds Live. Samsung has previously produced wireless airbags, but the Galaxy Buds Live is slightly different from previous Korean products in this area. First of all, this product is the first Samsung Airbag under the Galaxy brand, which is offered with the ability to remove active noise. This feature was not present in the Galaxy Buds Plus series airbags. Also, the shape of the new airbag looks like a bean.

These earrings and bean-like earbuds have a touch-sensitive body that allows the user to easily change tracks. Also, according to a report from the WinFuture website, the Galaxy Buds Live has three on-board microphones that can be set to listen to user commands for Bixby Voice Assistant. It is estimated that the battery life of Samsung’s new airbags will be 4.5 to 7.5 hours with each charge; However, this amount depends on whether the active noise canceling technology is on or not. Also, adjusting the airbag to listen to voice commands reduces battery life. The source of this news, reviewed the application of Samsung’s ancestor Airbad and wrote that with just a few clicks, the Airbad microphones can be turned off.

If the rumors related to the price of this product are true, the Galaxy Buds Live will be a worthy competitor for the AirPad. According to the news, Samsung’s new AirPad with noise cancellation technology is priced at $ 170, while Apple’s AirPad Pro is priced at $ 250.

Galaxy Watch Series 3

Samsung has come a long way with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, a fitness-focused product, but it’s time to replace this old smartwatch. Although the Galaxy Watch 3 has not been officially announced yet, some retailers around the world are already selling this smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch 3 will be available in two different sizes. The first type of this product with a size of 45 mm and a 1.4-inch display is suitable for people who prefer heavy watches, and the second type with a size of 41 mm has a 1.2-inch display. Both products will be available in different variants, but all of them will use Samsung’s rotating bezel to navigate menus and screens. Undoubtedly, these physical controllers are better than the smartest connection Samsung could have chosen, and using the Galaxy Watch Active Series would not be satisfying without them.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with leather strap in user's hand

The Galaxy Watch 3 will be IP68 rated for both water and dust resistance and is expected to have 8GB of storage. The interior components of this product are not expected to change much compared to Samsung’s latest smartwatch. The author of the XDA Developers website wrote on Twitter that the sensors built into the back of the Galaxy Watch 3 are essentially the same as the Active Watch 2, and that Samsung may not change other components. His report is in line with another report from the SamMobile website, the author of which claims that both versions of the Galaxy Watch 3 use an active Watch 2 battery. So, most likely, the battery of Samsung’s new smartwatch will last for two days.

The big question is how the Galaxy Watch 3 series watches will react to user movements. Apparently, to answer incoming phone calls, the user has to open and close his fist and shake his hand to reject the calls. It is important to note that the Galaxy Watch 3 uses crash detection technology. So if the user falls to the ground and does not show any immediate reaction for 60 seconds, the Samsung smartwatch sends his location and the recorded 5-second audio clip to the emergency audience. According to rumors, this product offers better performance for the care of its owner due to the feature of monitoring the activities of the heart, which is provided by electrocardiographic sensors.

Galaxy Tab S7 series

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Few companies are still trying to make Android high-end tablets, and Samsung is easily the pioneer of these companies. Two new tablets are expected to be unveiled at the Unpack event, according to a report on the WinFuture website, both of which will come with a Snapdragon 865 Plus chip, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The biggest difference between the two tablets is the quality and size of their screens. The smaller model of the Tab S7 will have an 11-inch LCD panel and the 12.4-inch display of the Tab S7 Plus will be a classic and beautiful AMOLED. It is disappointing that Samsung has taken a step back and has not used the best display available, AMOLED, on its smaller tablet. However, it is hoped that the price difference between the Galaxy Tab S7 and its bigger brother will increase its purchase value.

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Of course, none of these screens should be underestimated. The display refresh rate of both new Samsung tablets is expected to be 120Hz, and as a result, they will perform smoother than other tablets when browsing the web and reading documents. Given that the feedback delay on the new S Pen is reportedly low at only 9 milliseconds, it may seem more natural to write notes on these tablets. Therefore, the speed at which the text appears in the Tab S7 series with the new stylus will be equal to the speed at which the ink comes out of the pen.

In addition to the above, another new feature of these tablets is the wireless DeX desktop, the full details of which are still in a state of ambiguity. However, it is expected that this feature will benefit from an improved keyboard with a full number of keys and a suitable trackpad. At least on paper, Samsung is ready to start competing with the iPad Pro this year, but Apple’s high-end tablets are almost unmatched in terms of processing power.

Galaxy Note 20 with S Pen

Galaxy Note 20 series

The undisputed star of this summer’s Unpacked event is the new Galaxy Note 20 series. Two models from the Galaxy Note family are expected to be introduced this year; The regular Galaxy Note with a 6.42-inch display and the Galaxy Note Plus or Ultra with a 6.9-inch display. It is not clear what the larger model will be called, but different sources use both names. Some details about the display of these products have not been confirmed yet. For example, it is said that the display resolution of the smaller model will be only 1080 pixels and the refresh rate will be 60 Hz, but the larger model will have a high resolution display whose refresh rate will increase to 120 Hz without excessive battery consumption. The reason for the increase in battery consumption when using the 120 Hz refresh rate in this product is the use of expensive polycrystalline oxide in the back panel.

According to reports, the US version of both Galaxy Note 20 series phones will have Qualcomm’s latest processor, the Snapdragon 865 Plus, and the Exynos 990 chip is used in models intended for other parts of the world. However, the other details about the two smartphones are quite different. The smaller model of the new Galaxy Note series will have 8 GB of RAM and only 128 GB of storage, which is unfortunately equal to half the storage space of the Galaxy Note 10 years ago. The larger model will come with 12GB of RAM and will have 256 or 512GB of storage, depending on the price the buyer pays. Interestingly, only the Galaxy Note 20 is expected to support microSD memory. Earlier it was rumored that the Galaxy S20 series smartphones will be offered in the same way. Fortunately, this did not happen, and it is hoped that the Galaxy Note 20 series will also support microSD memory on both models.

Galaxy Note 20 with S Pen

Previously released images show that the design of the new generation Galaxy series has not changed much. These products will still have a completely square shape and icon. Of course, changes have also been made to Samsung’s new handsets. The information that Samsung accidentally released confirms that there is a large, square ledge on the back panel of both Galaxy Note 20 series phones. The protrusion is expected to be the site of the triple cameras on the Galaxy S20 series. Like the Galaxy S20 series, the camera configuration in each of the new Galaxy Note series phones is completely different.

The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to feature a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 64-megapixel telephoto camera and another 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. Meanwhile, the larger model of the Galaxy Note 20 series will probably use a 108-megapixel isocell sensor (ISOCELL) as the main camera. Also, an ultra-wide 12-megapixel camera and another telephoto camera will fit in the configuration of the Galaxy Note 20 Plus camera. If the reports are true, the larger Galaxy Note will use Samsung’s Space Zoom feature introduced in the Galaxy S20 series. The maximum magnification range with this feature will be 100 times 50 times instead of 100 times in Samsung’s new smartphones.

In addition to the above, the Galaxy Note 20 series will use the Espen digital pen. As mentioned earlier, Samsung’s new stylus is improved and lags behind its predecessors. The time interval from placing the pen on the screen to viewing the feedback is only 9 milliseconds. Rumors have also surfaced that the Espen pen can also be used as a pointer. Of course, such a feature does not make sense to use for slide show on the phone’s small screen. However, before making any judgments, you should evaluate the performance of this stylus in the field of action.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 in user hands

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Rumors of collapsible smartphones are inevitable at events like Samsung’s Unpacked, and for a long time, many thought that the Korean company would introduce an updated version of the Galaxy Z Flip. Such a hypothesis was true until Samsung introduced the phone separately and confirmed in a promotional image that the company’s new product at the Unpack event would be a sequel to the Galaxy Fold. Although the name Galaxy Z Fold 2 is mouth-watering, reports and leaked information point to a device that is less experimental than Samsung’s first clamshell phone.

For example, the small, limited exterior display of the original Galaxy Fold has been replaced by a much larger, infinite V-shaped display. Early renderings of this clamshell phone look cluttered and look almost like a weird concept phone that Essential worked on before it went bankrupt. However, the new Galaxy Fold is a big improvement over the previous generation. According to rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with a 7.7-inch display is larger than the previous generation, has narrow margins and uses two aperture selfie cameras.

Promotional image of Galaxy Z Fold 2

This image is blurred

Another feature of this product is the 120 Hz refresh rate of its display, just like Samsung’s new tablets. Like other new Samsung handsets, the chip used in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will likely be the Snapdragon 865 Plus. This device will have 12 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of storage memory. Despite some rumors that are constantly circulating, this product does not seem to come with a pen. The image posted by IceUniverse on Twitter shows no stylus, and the Korean website The Elec notes that Samsung’s UTG protective glass is not resistant to repeated blows by digital pens.

These are the products that Samsung is expected to introduce next week. Of course, not all the details are clear yet. The company and its partners should discuss the price of the products and when they will be available, and if we are lucky, new devices will be available soon.

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