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Decorate clothes with paper-electronic displays

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The new technology of flexible, color electronic electronic displays, which led to the invention of the so-called “oTFT” panels, could soon adorn our clothing and wearables.

According to News i and quoted by Angjat, Whenever the Covid-19 Pandemic is curbed and the runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York are once again open to designers and fashion enthusiasts, designers may now be flocking to trade shows and electronic colored electronic displays (ePaper). Set up fashion and beauty salons.

E Ink and Plastic Logic have teamed up to create the first such panels based on Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) technology.

These “organic glass-free thin-transistor transmitters” (oTFT) displays are lightweight and very energy efficient. E. Ink claims that these screens are more durable, thinner and lighter than glass-based TFT displays, which the company says make oTFT displays ideal for clothing and wearables.

For example, designers can embed these displays in smart clothing and jewelry.

The first example of this new display has a 2.1-inch screen with a resolution of 240 by 146 pixels and supports six colors, including black and white. It is also equipped with a “Ultrachip UC8156” single-chip controller.

These new displays called “Legio” certainly have a lot of potential, especially if they find their way into smart clothes and wearables.

News i



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