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Can consuming cocoa prevent aging?


In a new study, US researchers are trying to carefully assess the role of cocoa in reducing aging and provide a definitive answer.

According to News i and citing the official website of “Augusta University”, Whether cocoa, which is rich in powerful antioxidants, protects our cells from damage is a question that scientists want to answer definitively.

According to Dr. Yanbin Dong, a geneticist and cardiologist at Georgia Medical College (MCG), they are looking for the answer in the blood of 600 people over the age of 60 who took part in the largest experiment to date to assess impact. Cocoa and a common multivitamin have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other diseases.

Researchers in the COSMOS experiment collected data on 2,144 men and women to examine the effects of cocoa and multivitamins on common health problems that increase with age.

Dong recently received $ 3 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct a detailed analysis of inflammatory factors and genetic changes associated with aging and to examine whether cocoa consumption could address these factors. Reduce or not.

“Cocoa-based products have become a high-consumption food because of increased demand and interest in their anti-aging properties,” Dong said.

Although there is evidence of the anti-inflammatory power of cocoa in cell culture, animal models, and even some human studies, large-scale randomized trials have not yet been performed. Scientific research should be done on this subject, in which a large number of participants accidentally receive a placebo or a different treatment.

“There is no strong evidence that multivitamins, which are the most common type of supplement and are widely associated with a reduced risk of cancer, are useful in this regard,” Dong said.

“There has to be strong scientific evidence behind the options we choose to improve our health,” he said. We intend to prove or disprove this. The COSMOS test allows us to do this.

In this study, Dong and colleagues specifically examine biological aging and biological age. Biological age, instead of considering the year of birth, considers important factors such as genetics and lifestyle that affect performance and health. Researchers plan to do more, such as testing blood pressure and assessing cognitive function in aging.

During the COSMOS test, Dong will examine important proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory factors in the blood of participants who consume cocoa, multivitamins, or both. Dong is also set to perform a complex and extensive genetic analysis in connection with aging.

The main hypothesis of the researchers is that cocoa supplement can reduce aging and inflammation and thus help reduce cardiovascular disease that spreads above the age of 65.

Bitter chocolate is often considered a good natural source of antioxidants because of its health benefits. According to Dong, consuming dark chocolate can help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and cognitive decline, as well as increase the immune response to attackers such as coronavirus.

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