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Apple’s A15 processor was introduced with 15 billion transistors and 50% better efficiency


As expected, Apple unveiled a new A-series processor called the A15 with its new generation of iPhones. The CPU part of this processor has 6 cores, of which 4 cores are low consumption and 2 cores are high consumption. The graphics processor (GPU) also uses 4 cores. A total of 15 billion transistors are used in this chip, which enables the processing power of 15.6 trillion operations per second.

Apple claims that the CPU power of the A15 is 50% faster than that of the previous generation, and the processing power of the GPU is improved by 30%. There is also twice as much cache for this system-on-a-chip (SOC).

It is interesting to know that Apple has planned a special version of the A15 for the iPhone 13 Pro, which uses 5 graphics cores instead of 4 graphics cores.

Apple did not provide further details on the processor, only announcing that it has introduced new image processing engines for the processor to enhance the experience of using the new iPhone 13 120Hz display as well as the camera output images.




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