Apple will start selling iPhones in LG stores in Korea next month

Recent reports suggest that Apple plans to sell some of its products, such as iPhones, at 400 LG retail stores in South Korea, and is in talks with LG leaders. However, there were rumors that the two tech giants were negotiating and disagreeing. Now a new report claims that not only have these talks not stopped; Instead, the two companies have agreed to sell the iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad next month.

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LG is said to have planned to sell the iPhone to replace its smartphones; Because the Korean company has recently shut down its smartphone business, leaving the retail space previously used to market its handsets empty.

Apparently, Apple intends to use that space to sell its products. Apple’s current presence in South Korea is negligible; Therefore, agreeing with LG to sell products in more than 400 stores is an easy way to expand the Cupertino-based presence in the country.

The alleged suspension of the talks was apparently due to the fact that the agreement had caused dissatisfaction among small and medium-sized retailers, especially in matters of fair competition. To address this, Alji will work with the National Association of Mobile Communications Distribution; Because LG’s exit from the smartphone business is said to change the nature of previous long-range agreements.

According to previous reports, LG and Apple are at loggerheads over the sale of Macs. LG sells its so-called laptops, and Apple’s Macs could hurt their sales; As a result, the two sides may have just agreed to sell only the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It is believed that LG will soon officially announce the agreement with Apple; However, so far both parties have refused to provide details of the terms of the contract.

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