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Apple Watch 7 Series was unveiled with a completely new design


After much speculation, Apple unveiled its new generation of smartwatches called the Apple Watch 7 Series minutes before. Contrary to expectations, the gadget uses the same design language as the previous Cupertino, meaning that the frame and display are rounded and convex as before.

In addition, Apple’s seventh generation smartwatch is available in 40 and 44 mm sizes, which is fully compatible with previous paragraphs. Apple claims that the Apple Watch 7 Series is equipped with the toughest protective glass, which significantly increases the impact resistance and scratches.

The Apple Watch 7 Series is priced similarly to the next generation; So the 40mm WiFi-based version of the Apple Watch 7 Series is priced at $ 399 and the cellular version is priced at $ 499. On the other hand, the larger 44mm model will be priced at $ 429 and $ 529, respectively; Of course, it should be noted that prices can vary depending on the type of strap and body. For example, the titanium model will probably start at $ 800 and the all-steel model (strap and body) will cost $ 750. In the meantime, there are some models equipped with leather straps that increase the price of the product up to more than $ 1400!

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