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Apple Watch 7 Series vs. 6 Series; What changes have taken place


Apple at the event California Streaming From the new generation of smartwatches named Apple Watch Series 7 Unveiled that it is different from previous generations in terms of appearance and some technical specifications.

Stubborn fans of Apple products, and of course those who have no problem with the very high price tag of newer products, will no doubt turn to the Apple Watch 7 Series, which, as we will explain later, has made significant improvements over previous generations. But if the price of Apple’s new smartwatch is too high for you, but you still want to join the Apple Watch with a lower budget, do not worry; Because when you buy an Apple Watch, you can say that there are almost no bad choices.

Apple on the webThe official website has compiled and compared all the specifications of different Apple Watch models; But at a glance you can see the difference between Apple Watch 7 Series and 6 Series, SE and 3 Series in the table below (7 Series specifications will be added soon):

Apple Watch 7 Series Compared to 6 Series

The Apple Watch 7 Series has undergone one of the biggest design changes in its six-year history. The new Apple Watch has a screen 20% larger than the 6 Series thanks to its narrower bezels; While the size of the clock remained almost unchanged. Apple claims that the 7 Series can display 50% more text than the 6 Series. This newer and larger screen also supports a full swipe-enabled keyboard.

The corners of the 7 Series are rounded like the previous generation, and its screen is significantly brighter than the previous generation. The glass used on the front of the watch is also stronger and now supports the IP6X standard.

Contrary to rumors, the 7 Series battery has not been upgraded and, like the 6 Series, charges for up to 18 hours; But the charger cable is USB-C instead of USB-A. Battery life remains the same in both generations; But the 7 Series can charge about 33% faster, and if you are a sleep tracker, you can set the clock at the end of the day and before bed to use this feature quickly.

As mentioned, the edges around the screen are 1.7 mm narrower, and the brightness of the always-on display is increased by 70%. The dimensions of the smaller watch have changed from 40 mm to 41 mm and the larger watch has changed from 44 mm to 45 mm. As such, the Apple Watch 7 Series is the tech giant’s largest smartwatch to date. In fact, the 41mm Apple Watch 7 is only one millimeter smaller than Apple’s largest smartwatch introduced in 2014.

In terms of color variety, the 7 Series is available in 5 colors including black, gold, blue and red, which was also available in the previous generation, in addition to dark green.

Apple has added new features to the Watch OS 8 Series 7. For example, outdoor cycling now has better support and stops automatically when the user stops. The fall detection feature is now active during exercise, and if you fall off the bike, the new Apple Watch can call the emergency services.

The Apple Watch 7 Series will be available later this fall for $ 399. The 3 Series will be priced at $ 279 and the Apple Watch SE will be priced at $ 279.

Compare Apple Watch 3 Series with SE and 6 Series

Apple Watch

Apple is one of the few companies that has adhered to the design language in recent years; Therefore, there is not much difference in appearance between different models of Apple Watch, and we are faced with the same square design of the screen; The difference is that the 3 Series is slightly smaller and about 3 grams lighter than the SE and 6 Series; Of course, this difference is not felt on the wrist.

  • Series 3: 38 and 42 mm
  • SE / Series 6: 40 and 44 mm

But the main difference between these three models is the screen. The 3 Series is equipped with the old Apple display technology and is therefore smaller and has square corners. The SE and 6 Series have larger screens with rounded corners similar to the 7 Series.

SE and 6 Series display specifications are the same; But only the 6 Series with display technology is always on, which allows the user to see the time without raising the wrist. The screen is also 2.5 times brighter than the previous model and has better readability in bright sunlight.

Performance on the Apple Watch is not as important as on the iPhone and iPad; But the speed component is undoubtedly very important. Each of these three models is equipped with a different SiP:

  • Series 3: S3
  • SE: S5
  • Series 6: S6

The S6 is about 20% faster than the S5 and the S5 is almost twice as fast as the S3. This difference in speed is due to the fact that the S5 and S6 processors are based on a 64-bit dual-core architecture, while the S3 is based on a 32-bit architecture.

Apple first introduced the 3 Series with LTE cellular; But this feature is no longer available. Therefore, if you want to use your smartwatch outdoors and leave the phone at home, you should go for the 6 or SE series, which are available in two types of GPS or GPS + Cellular.

In terms of battery life, all three watch models charge for approximately 18 hours and need to be charged once a day.

In terms of health capabilities, the SE and 6 Series are equipped with a second-generation heart sensor that is more accurate. These two models also have crash detection capability that is not available in the 3 Series. Blood oxygen level monitoring known as SpO2 is only available in Series 6.

SE and 6 Series storage space reaches 32 GB; While in the 3 Series, only 8 GB is available.




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