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Apple has ordered a large number of Samsung foldable displays

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The foldable iPhone has long been rumored, but with the exception of a few concept images and Apple patents, no further information is available. Now it seems that the situation will change soon. Ice Universe, one of the well-known revelators of the technology world With the publication of a new post on the social network Weibo Samsung claims that following Apple’s official request, it is seeking to provide samples of the foldable screen and deliver it to Cupertino. In the not-too-distant future, these collapsible displays will probably be used in a special model of iPhone series phones.

Ice Universe announces Apple has ordered “lots” of screens. These models are designed to be used in smartphones, and it seems that Samsung will provide Apple with the monitors in question for a long time. In his new post, Ice Universe emphasizes that the process of producing these displays is in full swing; An issue that indirectly indicates that Samsung will soon begin the process of delivering the display to Apple.

In an unofficial report last year, it was announced that Samsung had begun the process of introducing its collapsible display technology to other companies, including Apple. Revealers at the time said Samsung was hoping to receive a formal order from the companies.

Ice Universe implicitly says that Apple spent about a year testing prototypes of Samsung clamshell displays, and now that it is assured of their quality, it intends to pursue more serious production of clamshell phones with Samsung clamshell displays. Some sources claimed some time ago that the first clamshell iPhone may arrive next year.

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Samsung has been one of Apple’s main suppliers for many years, providing the company with OLED displays for iPhones. It seems that Samsung intends to become the main supplier of foldable displays in the world. According to whistleblowers, Samsung may increase the number of foldable displays produced each year to 10 million units, given demand.

Rumors have been circulating for a long time about Apple trying to make a foldable iPhone. Apple even filed a patent for a foldable iPhone. According to some rumors, Apple may work with LG to make a collapsible iPhone. The release of the new Ice Universe report and the emphasis on collaboration between Apple and Samsung once again show that Cupertino residents are seriously working on the collapsible iPhone. The clamshell phone market is not yet fully mature, however, it seems that Apple is also thinking about entering it seriously.

We currently have very little information about the foldable iPhone; However, it seems that the Apple clamshell phone will have a form factor similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. Apple may even end up using the Galaxy Z Fold 2 invoice form. Both handsets use ultra-narrow glass (UTG) screens.

John Praser, a well-known whistleblower of Apple products, tweeted some time ago that the Apple Foldable iPhone cannot be called a foldable device. According to Praser, the prototype of the collapsible iPhone consists of two separate screens with a hinge (a device such as the Surface Duo) and rounded edges made of stainless steel. Apparently, the prototype of the foldable iPhone has no notches, and at the top of the external screen, which is equipped with Face ID, there is a slight margin.

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