Apple has hired the former director of BMW electric vehicles

Last week, it became clear that Dave Scott (Apple Car Project Robotics Team Leader) has left Cupertino to take over as CEO of a healthcare company. This is the third major departure from Apple’s electric car and automobile project since the beginning of 2021. It is now said that the tech giant is also monitoring well-known people in the automotive industry to make up for the huge outflows and wants to attract them to advance Apple’s project. The latest case is that of a former BMW executive who worked for the Bavarian company for more than three decades and has a brilliant track record in the automotive industry.

Cupertino-based company in recent weeks, according to Apple Insider and quoted by Bloomberg Ulrich Cranz, A former senior vice president at BMW and one of the key figures in the development of the German company i3 and i8 electric vehicles. Cranz had been with BMW for over 30 years before founding Canoo. He resigned as CEO of Kano about a month before joining Apple.

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Kano is a startup that the tech giant was said to be in talks with in the early 2020s, and Apple and Kano have reportedly explored several options, from investing to buying, as part of the Cupertino-based effort to advance the electric car project. Kano has developed a scalable and modular electric vehicle platform, which at the time was a reason for Apple to pay attention to the company. Kano’s innovative module is designed to support a wide range of car applications for consumers and businesses, and the startup is said to have integrated most of the car electronics for more flexibility in cabin design.

At first, Kano hoped to raise capital through Apple; But apparently the talks were fruitless and eventually led to Kano merging with HCAC.IV. Now, Apple has hired a person who was the CEO of the company and can bring the Apple project closer to implementation.

The hiring of the former CEO of Kano, a key member of Biyamo, demonstrates Apple’s efforts to take the initiative in self-driving cars. Kranz is said to have reported to Doug Field He said he had led Tesla Model 3 development before moving to Apple to run its automotive division, Project Titan.

The first rumors of Apple’s car in 2014-2015 in the form of the Titan project were published in the media, and so far there have been many rumors about the release of this car with a possible name “Apple Car”. Apple was initially thought to focus on designing systems and services for automotive vehicles; But details of the physical vehicle development have also been released recently, and it is clear that Apple is still developing physical vehicle technologies. The Cupertino residents seem to have shifted their focus back to producing a full-fledged vehicle, and so far several well-known automotive executives or engineers, such as a Tesla executive who has been in charge of propulsion and chassis for Porsche cars.

It was recently revealed that John Giannander, head of Apple’s artificial intelligence division, has led the Titan project team, and that Apple’s self-driving vehicle will be developed under his supervision. In addition, there have been rumors that TSMC and Apple are working together to produce chips for this type of car. In recent months, however, Apple has lost a number of key executives, including Benjamin Lyon, Jim Widow, and Dave Scott.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But according to recent reports, the Cupertinos are likely to use the automotive partners’ production arm to build vehicles. Apple is said to be traditionally sourcing certain components, including LiDAR sensors for use in the Apple Car, from third-party companies, as is the case with the iPhone and other products.

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