Apple has blocked the disclosure of iOS 15 specifications by adopting new guidelines

Last year, Apple experienced one of its most unusual situations; Because almost all the features and even images of iOS 14 and other operating systems of this company were leaked months before the official unveiling at WWDC 2020. However, this year the situation was completely different and, except for some predictions, files and photos or even detailed details about the future features of iOS 15 were not disclosed. Now, 9To5Mac has released a report showing how Apple has taken steps to prevent leaks.

In general, Apple is usually known for keeping its future products and projects secret, and may not release any official information about that product for years; But despite all the efforts, every year a lot of reliable information is revealed from the company’s supply chain, and sometimes this information is very close to reality. Evidence suggests that this trend is not to the liking of the tech giant, and that Apple is trying to curb its product disclosure by updating security guidelines.

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According to 9To5Mac, this may be due to an internal change in iOS 15 that hides engineers’ access to new features that are not related to them. In the internal files of the first beta of iOS 15, each major feature introduced this year has a unique identifier that makes data disclosure prerequisites more difficult. In other words, it allows Apple to enable only some of the features of the new operating system in the internal structure so that the engineer or designer in one section does not need to see all the new features in the other sections.

To run the built-in iOS version, each employee must first install a specific profile on the device, which is exactly what we do to download beta versions, the report said. However, each profile submitted to employees determines which of these features will be enabled for anyone working on newer versions of iOS and possibly other Apple operating systems.

The company will likely use the same system to prevent leaks of features related to new hardware in the future. However, this will definitely not stop the disclosure of products; But it certainly gets harder to share details with people outside of Apple at the same time. Tim Cook, Apple CEO has said in the past that Apple is trying to redouble the necessary measures to prevent the disclosure of products.

In addition, there have been recent reports that Apple has also increased its factory security guidelines. According to the updated guidelines, production facilities should check assembly line staff for access to unannounced products for malpractice. Previously, background checks only applied to specific employees. Individuals with a criminal record are not allowed to enter any area of ​​the facility where unidentified devices are being built or assembled.

Apple is said to be updating its computer systems to keep track of when components stay in workstations. If the part is too much in one place, the computer gives security warnings. In addition, guards stationed at various checkpoints are required to maintain accurate records of staff locations and movements that move critical components from one area to another.

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