Apple has announced the trailer and release date for the second season of the See series

If you remember, Apple unveiled a new service in 2019 called Apple TV Plus, which opened the company to the film industry. Apple TV Plus streams original Apple movies and series, and so far has been able to deliver relatively good and acceptable performance for Cupertinos who have little experience in the film industry. Definitely one of the most anticipated series being made by Apple in the second season of the See series with the game Jason Momoa, In the role of Babavas.

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The first season of See was released last year, and with the narration of a post-apocalyptic event that led to the blinding of humans, it was able to perform well and gain a lot of fans. We have known for a long time that the second season of this series is under construction and even new actors such as Dave Batista Have also been added to the second chapter. Now, after a long period of news silence and, as expected, Apple has released a new trailer for the series and announced its release date during the WWDC 2021 World Developers Conference.

According to Apple, the second season of the popular series See will be shown on August 27, 2021 (September 5, 1400) through the Apple TV Plus service, and new episodes will be released every Friday. In addition, Apple also announced that it has extended the series for a third season, and fans will be able to watch their favorite characters play for at least another season.

The second season of the See series will provide a broader narrative than the first season and introduce the audience to new characters and areas. Babavas is more angry than ever in seeking to protect his family and faces many challenges along the way that can be a threat to any member of the family. It seems that Dave Batista, in the character of the villain, also continues the story in the second season.

In general, the storyline of See takes place at a time when a deadly virus has reduced the earth’s population to less than two million people, and as a result, all survivors are completely blind, and They pass on their blindness to their descendants. In order to overcome the challenges of the new world, human beings have to change their way of life and adapt to nature; Therefore, over the centuries, new ways of communication and laws have been enacted. In the new society, the greatest sin and blasphemy is the ability to see, and people who enjoy the ability to see are arrested and burned for witchcraft.

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