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Accurate diagnosis of autism with a new method

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In a recent study, Swiss researchers used artificial intelligence to develop a device to diagnose autism.

According to News i and quoted by TEChildren with autism spectrum disorder often have some problems communicating and interacting with people, and the diagnosis of this disorder, despite its prevalence, before the age of five is very challenging.

In a recent study, scientists at the University of Geneva developed an artificial intelligence algorithm based on the automatic analysis of several videos, which allows children to study nonverbal communication anonymously and as a standard.

Nada Kojovic, lead author of the study, said that autism is characterized by a nonverbal communication that is different from that of a normal growing child. This relationship is different in several ways, for example, they have problems communicating visually, smiling, pointing at objects or how they show interest in what is happening around them. That’s why we used artificial intelligence to design an algorithm that analyzes children’s movements in video and determines whether they have autism spectrum disorder.

After developing the algorithm, the scientists tested it on 68 normal growing children and 68 children with autism, all under the age of five. The results showed that artificial intelligence accurately classifies autism in more than 80% of cases.

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